Tamara Humiliates A Fellow Student – A Public SPH Story

Harry is a less willing victim than Small Ted, but overall he has a good night. This is the first part in an ongoing story about public small penis humiliation

Chapter One – The Bet

It was Friday night on campus, and the drinks were flowing on girls’ night. The conversation had turned to dick size.

“Harry Smith. I bet he’s got a shrimpy little penis.”

The other girls fell about laughing.

“I’m serious.” Tamara continued, pushing her long blonde hair off her face and lifting up her pinkie finger “I can tell. He’s got little pecker energy. Shimp cock. The tiniest of microdicks.”

“Tamara, stop, I’m dying.”

“Hang on, why do you think that?” Zoe interrupted “He’s got a girlfriend I think.”

Tamara took another swing of her cheap white wine and flinched as she swallowed.

“You mean Holly? Yeah, that’s no surprise and only proves my point. Seriously, she’s far too nice. Me and her go way back. I told her once that her shoes were ugly. A week later she baked cupcakes for me. I mean, what? Get a backbone.”

The other girls laughed again, enjoying the Tamara’s bluntness.

“Holly is exactly the kind of girl to date a guy with a little pee pee. I’m calling it. Right here, right now. Harry has a knob under three inches. Definitely.”

“Nah, you’re totally wrong Tam Tam.” Jessica piped up. “You were right about Keith, absolutely hung. But you’re wrong here. You’re not the penis Nostradamus. You don’t know every length before seeing it.”

“Dick-stradamus” said Zoe, after three separate tries. The laughter was off the charts.

“Okay, okay, what are the stakes?” Tamara pinned Jessica with a look. “You think I’m wrong, I think I’m right. If I’m right and Harry’s got nothing in his pants, then you need to make out with Zoe.”

“Deal. I think he’s average or above. If I’m right, then you’re going to go to lectures with no shoes on for a day. Like a tramp.”

Tamara took another swig of wine.

“Oh, it’s on. Jess, I don’t lose. Be prepared. Harry Smith has got a cocktail sausage in his pants and you’re going to kiss my bestie and it’s going to be hilarious.”

As the night wound down, the other girls left, and Tamara and Zoe started to tidy up before bed.

“Tamara, I see what you’re doing with the whole Harry’s got a small dick thing…” Zoe said.

“What do you mean?”

“I told you about my crush on Jessica because I trusted you. You’re not going to get us together by winning a dick size bet and making her kiss me. This isn’t a lesbian small dick rom com.”

Tamara snorted a laugh.

“I appreciate you’re being a good friend and all…” Zoe trailed off awkwardly.

“N’aw, do you think I made that bet for you?” Tamara smirked at her best friend. “I mean, I love you. But I’m doing it for power kicks. And because I like being right.”

She came in close to Zoe, close enough to hear her breathing.

“Imagine it, Zo. I’m throwing the best party of all time. Harry has a tiny penis, exactly as I suspected. And I’m proved correct, in front of everyone. It’s truly fucking hilarious. And then my bestie gets kissed by her crush, because I say it’s going happen. Because I was right.”

Zoe swallowed, trying not to show how turned on Tamara was getting her.

“Tell me it doesn’t do something for you. The thought of Jessica kissing you publicly in her bikini and the whole uni cheering for it.”

“I mean, it might be… fun. Do you think you can pull it off?” Zoe was captivated, she couldn’t help herself.

“Are you kidding me? It’s going to be easy.”

“I love you but you’re a psycho Tamara. You should get some help with that.”

“But then I wouldn’t be so fun, would I? Buckle up gorgeous. I’ve got an iconic pool party to plan.” 

Chapter Two – The Invite

“Oh, come on Harry. We never do anything fun.”

Holly was sat on her laptop with Messenger open. Tamara’s smiling selfie sat at the top of the screen.

“A pool party? I didn’t think you were into that stuff?”

“Not usually. But Tamara and I have known each other a long time, and it seems like she’s finally making an effort with me. You’ll like her, she’s so fun. I think it’ll be a good crowd.”

Harry squinted, looking at the laptop screen and Tamara’s selfie. 

“I think I know her. Isn’t she the one who had that threesome in the soft play area in town? Tim said she took three creampies bareback.”

“Are you slut shaming my friend?” Holly said sharply.

“Hey, don’t be so serious. Okay, fine. We’ll go. But I’m not staying late.”

“Yay! Thanks babe.”

Holly immediately started typing in Messenger to Tamara. Seconds later she laughed.

“Tamara says to bring your sexiest swimming trunks.”

Chapter Three – Pool Party

A good party isn’t about the music, or about the drinks served. It’s about the mood.

The outdoor pool Tamara had hired a few hours before sunset, until late in the evening was the perfect setting. Uplifting techno music played, blue mood lighting lit the pool from underneath and the surrounding garden. Everything was ready to go. 

Two girls had been asked to welcome visitors. A well-stocked BBQ was being looked after by two engineering students.

A group of athletic looking boys jumped into the pool from the diving board, whooping and cheering each other.

Tamara watched them with open interest.

“Stop perving Tamara.”

“I’m just working out targets. Are Holly and pin dick Harry here yet?”

Zoe took a deep breath. 

“Firstly, we still don’t know he’s got pin dick. And secondly, are you not going to take a moment off from being a psycho? This is a nice party. It might even be the best evening of the year. Is your bet with Jessica the most important thing?”

“I’m playing people-chess, Zo. It’s the best game. Can’t you feel the tension? Good things are going to happen tonight.”

“Should I ask what you’re planning?”

Tamara seemed to give it genuine thought.

“Probably best not. You’re not going to approve. Best just to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my genius.”

“If only you gave your degree this level of focus and planning.”

Tamara retaliated by splashing water at her laughing best friend.

“You’re lucky I like you. I want to know when Harry gets here. Come and find me, okay?”

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