Are you ready to dive into the world of text based kink RPG?

I’m waiting to roleplay out all your hottest and craziest fantasies.

Roleplay Ideas

Mistress Cleo seeks new slaves

Whether you’re craving pain, service, or to know your place, Mistress Cleo knows how to treat a loser.

Family taboo scenarios

I’ll be Mommy, Aunty or Step Sis

Humiliation Roleplay

Do you dream of being laughed at and degraded? Let’s roleplay out some scenarios to completely debase you and leave you feeling humiliated without leaving your desk.

Gangbang fantasies

Want to fuck multiple people at once? I can open your asshole for use by multiple men, or create a harem of beautiful girls to serve your every need.


Cuckold Roleplay

It’s only natural your wife would want to cheat on you. Let’s create a world where you’re happily married and then your beautiful wife will explore her sexuality with other, superior men. Roleplay allows for scenarios that would be difficult to experience safely in real life, such a gangbangs, whore wives and risky sex.

Financial Domination

Get your findom kicks without overpaying. Enter my roleplay casino and we’ll see how broke we can make you. Of course, the house always wins.

Weird Sex

Alien abduction, advanced sex robots, being milked for your cum in a dystopian future… Whatever you’ve been dreaming of

These are a few ideas and scenarios. The list of kinks we can cover are endless.

Are There Any Scenarios You Won’t Roleplay?

I won’t discuss or roleplay scenarios involving minors, animals or extreme torture.

Will You Send Nudes?


If you want to meet girls who send nudes, you can find some excellent options here.

How Do I Know You’re Good At This?

I’ve been roleplaying for 15 years and in the adult industry for 13.

If you’re curious about my style, you can find teaser videos on Pornhub or read my stories.

How Does This Work?

I’ll spend the first 5 to 10 minutes finding out what you’re in to, and what you’re looking for.

Then we’ll go in to the roleplay from there. I keep notes of our encounters, so if we’ve played before we can pick up where we left off.

Does That Mean We Can World Build Together?


Text roleplays can often grow in to huge and complicated worlds full of sexual tension and excitement. Similar to vanilla roleplay, the deeper you explore the characters and the more you play, the more rewarding and pleasurable it can be.

That said, we can also go quick and nasty. It’s all up to you.

Busy Or Offline?

These Camgirls Will Keep You Horny While You Wait