Cleo Sussex At Night In White T Shirt

Who is Cleo Sussex?

I’m a dominant woman who was born and raised in the south of England.

I write stories, create audiobooks and collect submissives. I love travel and I’m rarely home.

Tell me a bit about your back story?

Cleo was created over several stage in my life.

The first was my introduction to the fetish and BDSM world. I was 19 when I took my first trip to Torture Garden in London. I’d always enjoyed kink in private, but being able to explore pain and pleasure in these palaces of hedonism was mind blowing for me.

The second was webcamming. I’d done a lot of jobs before I began working on webcam. I talk a bit about it in my journal. It gave me a free environment to experience the kinks and interests of my clients and it was the first work I’d truly loved.

My favourite clients were the submissive men and cuckolds, they’d allow me to lead them into the darker areas of my mind and thank me for it.

I would come away buzzing and full of the drug of control and power. I was completely encouraged to exploit, bully and tease these clients, and a lot of the shame I felt for wanting an outlet for those things fell away.

Finally, I moved away from the camming in 2018 and began working in affiliate marketing, mostly due to burn out. My first project went extremely well, but after a few years I stopped being motivated by writing for search engines. allows me to connect with the people who crave the power-hungry devil in me, and to write the things I truly want to write.

Okay, so what turns you on?

A lot of things!

The roots of almost everything that turns me on is power exchange.

My favourite kinks are cuckolding, humiliation and bi men. I’m also fond of rituals, non con and gangbangs, as well as feminisation and taboo sex.

These are my kinks too. Is there any way we can play together?


If you want to get humiliated, dominated and abused, you can find my page below.

I’m available most days, but the time can change with time zones to suit where I am.

You Use A Lot Of AI Generated Images In Your Work…

I do, well spotted.

Keeping things beautiful is important to me. The Cleo avatar I use is fairly close to my natural look. She’s a little more ginger and a bit more flat chested. But it’s close.

I occasionally post real photos of myself on Twitter. If you’re not following me there already you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

None of my writing is AI written or AI assisted and it never will be. It’s all naturally me.

My domination chat service also connects you directly to me in real time. It is not a chat bot.

What is Unreality Erotica?

Unreality Erotica is the name I publish my audiobooks under. I have accounts with XVideos and Pornhub.

XVideos in particular has been a huge success story and I’ve gathered nearly 1 million views there.

I love your work. How can I be helpful Goddess?

Tip me

I have a wish list on Wishtender. I’m expanding it all the time and there are all kinds of ways to spoil me. There’s also the option for a surprise gift.

Submit to me

Submit yourself for a domination session with me on Premium.Chat. We can also talk about sex, relationships, writing or anything else.

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Shopping with my affiliate partners supports me and it doesn’t cost you any extra.

Read more about that here.

Boost My Publicity

Comments on my writing, upvotes and comments on my audiobooks and retweets on Twitter all help me reach a wider audience and are good ways to be helpful.

Sharing in places where submissives are seeking dominants also helps boost my search engine rank.

The work my subs do to elevate me is always appreciated.

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That’s great, I’m always looking for new partnerships. sees hundreds of visitors every week, with a exceptionally high engagement rate. If you’re interested in a review or sponsored post, please reach out.

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