Cleo Sussex in black PVC

Are you craving new submissive experiences? I’m taking on new people to play with.

Who is Cleo Sussex?

I’m an English dominatrix and femdom writer.

I have an about page with lots of information if you’d like to know me better.

In my opinion, the best submission you can enjoy is in an ongoing relationship with a dominant. Submission is a journey and it requires a dominant to know you intimately for it to be the most enjoyable and fulfilling.

I’d love to learn about you, open you up and see what you’re capable of.

What kind of subs are you most keen to hear from?

If you have a genuine desire to submit, serve and be vulnerable then we’re likely to be a good fit.

I love sissys, cuckolds, those who love humiliation and being challenged. I like to play with chastity and denial, whether that’s caged or using willpower. If you enjoy blackmail, financial games or public dares we are going to get on.

I will tease you, judge you and challenge you to be better. I will also respect your hard limits.

This sounds right for me. How do I apply?

All introductions should be made through Premium Chat.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, I will add you to my Telegram account if we’re a good fit.


My time is my most important resource. Premium Chat protects me from scams and time wasters.

For you, it means our first chat will be an instant one to one, we’ll be immediately connected if I’m showing as online.

Your introduction can be as brief or in depth as you like. There’s no expectation to treat me as your Domme during the first talk, although you can if you would like. I want to know you as a person and what makes you tick.

Once you’ve shown you’re respectful and serious, we can start forming a deeper relationship.

Is This A Chat Bot?


You’ll be connected to me and we’ll chat in real time.

Once I’m accepted, what happens next?

You’ll have the option to become my submissive.

You’ll have my input every day, guiding you and teasing you. You’ll be able to message me whenever you want.

You’ll also get access to cheaper sexting sessions.

Do we need to use Telegram to play?

No, at all.

You’re welcome to use Premium Chat for one on one sessions, femdom role-plays and chats as much as you like.

Do you send nudes?


If you’re wanting to meet beautiful girls who send nudes, you can go here.

What if you’re busy or offline?

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