Wife turning down a cuckold husband

How Can I Convince My Wife To Cuckold Me? 

So you’re ready to take your cuckold fetish to the next level. 

You’ve considered it carefully and fantasized about it a lot. The idea of your wife sleeping with strangers, or even people known to you turns you so much. 

But there’s one problem. Your wife isn’t into it.

This can surprise a lot of cucks when they run in to it. Lots of husbands assume that if a woman is given a hallpass, she’ll want to take advantage of it. More sex is always better, right?

It can be easy, when you’ve had a cuckold fantasy for a long time to assume all women are wired the same. Not every woman is secretly craving bigger cocks and rougher sex. This can come as a shock to the wannabe cuckold.

This can be especially hurtful and annoying if the wife has a history of being “the fun girl” before she got married.

Don’t worry cucky. There are ways to fix the problem.

Tip One – Make Sure You Marry A Hotwife

Okay, this isn’t too much help if you’re already married. But this is important to say, so listen up.

If you’re uncommitted and you know you prefer a sexually confident woman who is capable of cuckolding you, don’t be tempted to settle for less than that.

So often I see people, particularly submissive men, settle in relationships because they believe what they’re looking for in the bedroom is out of their reach.

Don’t be one of them.

There are so many gorgeous potential hotwives waiting to meet you. Take a look at Fetlife or go to your local BDSM munch.

Make sure you prioritise a mate who is sexually compatible and leave the good girls in the friend zone where they belong.

Tip Two – Be Open And Honest About Your Fantasies

If you are serious about being cuckolded, you need to be direct. 

Yup, you need to face that fact she might laugh at you, she might be grossed out, she might even be disgusted. Scary right? Embrace it.

Raising your desires as a hint or a joke is far too common, even between couples who have been together a long time.

Difficult conversation should never be off limits in your relationship. 

Always remember this conversation is a two way street. It’s helpful to remember that your desire to be cuckolded is about you. Not her. Ask her about what turns her on, and if she has any desires she’d like to explore.

You might get lucky and find she has a fantasy that fits in with your cuckolding dreams. But if not then you’ve got some work to do. Your wife isn’t every woman and not everyone likes the idea of playing away.

When she talks about her fantasies, listen carefully and then consider what you can do to make them happen. An openness to satisfying her sexual needs first is very likely to make her more open to fulfilling yours in return, even if she’s not entirely sure what she’ll feel.

Tip Three – Listen To Her Objections Carefully

A woman who doesn’t want to cuckold you might raise one of a number of objections. 

It’s possible she’ll think that you want to open the marriage as a green flag for you sleeping with other women. A relationship between two people is traditionally a monogamous arrangement and women are often on high alert for warning signs their husband is looking to stray or end the marriage.

If this is the objection you get, you’ll need to explain your feelings. 

It can be scary, explaining a kink or fetish. But if your wife fears you’re looking to play away too “because it’s only fair”, you need to explain and critically, demonstrate how devoted you are to her and your marriage.

Tip Four – No Means No

If your wife has no interest in cuckolding you, do not pressure her. 

Being a hotwife isn’t for everyone and not everyone feels comfortable and confident to hook up outside their marriage. If you exhaust all lines of conversation with your wife, then you might need to ask yourself how important it is to fulfil your cuckolding fantasy.

Some men may decide their cuckold desires are too big to ignore and end their marriage. But no one should feel pressured in to sex they don’t want to have. No exceptions.

Tip Five – If You Decide To Stay Married

If you decide to stay, then aim to boost your wife’s sexual confidence over the long term. It’s amazing how people can change and become more sexually confident with the right input, love and attention.

Playing a long game may get you exactly what you want. Put the cuckolding conversation on ice and work on building your wife’s sexual confidence.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for crushes your wife might develop too, as these can be routes into fulfilling your cuckolding desires.

If you want advice on your particular situation, you can always reach out to me for a one on one chat.

While You’re Waiting For Your Wife To Say Yes…

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