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Cuckolding 101: A Crash Course For The New And The Curious

So you’re curious about cuckolding?

Cuckolding is one of my favourite fetishes and sharing anything with new comers is an absolute turn on.

So let’s get in to it.

What is cuckolding?

Cuckolding is a fetish where your partner cheats on you, and that gets you off.

Only men can be cuckolds, if you’re a woman and your partner playing away gets you off, you’re a cuckqueen.

As a side note, a remarkable amount of people spell cuckolding with an h. Cuckholding. This is incorrect and also annoys me. But I’m going to add it in for SEO reasons.

Men who enjoy cuckolding are occasionally called stags. Similar to a stags, when one is defeated by a rival and proved inferior, he forfeits his right to mate. The animal kingdom can be brutal.

My wife cheated on me. Am I a cuckold?

Does it turn you on? If yes, then you’re a cuckold.

If not then you’re just a victim, sorry. Time to make some tough choices about your relationship.

If it does turn you on, it’s worth asking yourself why.

Cuckolds are drawn to the kink for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from kinky, to the submissive, and also stray in to the ridiculously pure at times.

Let’s look at these motivations.

Kinky Cuckolds

Doing something taboo is so sexy, isn’t it?

It’s almost like when society says something is shameful and wrong, behind closed doors hoards of humans are getting horny over it.

Giving your wife permission to stray can feel like opening Pandora’s box. What will she do with her new freedom? How far might she take it? Maybe there’s a bit of bisexual desire in there, a small or overt interest in having other men involved in your relationship is understandably hot.

This can be especially interesting through the lens of who your wife is and was.

Cuckolds have a wide variety of wife types, there really is no cookie cutter example. Some husbands know their wife has a colourful past as a slut, and they’re keen for her to return to it. Others married a good girl with a tiny body count, and they long for her to spread her wings and experiment.

However, it feels like the unifying factor among cuckolds is that they love and respect their wives.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but fundamentally, the cuckold kink doesn’t function well without strong affection for the wife. Why would there be any big feelings about an unloved partner playing away? It doesn’t hit the same.

So it’s unsurprising that cuckolds refer to their cheating partners as Hotwives. Better than a regular wife, huh? I think so.

Pleasure Cuckolds

Another motivation for cuckolds is they understand that physical pleasure is important, and see it as a form of love to allow their wives to experience sex with different people.

You know that joy feeling you get when you buy your wife a Valentino bag and you just know she’s going to be so happy when she unwraps it? That. But the present is sex.

Maybe there’s a feeling of sacrifice in there too? I love you so much that your pleasure is first, and my comfort is secondary.

It doesn’t mean the sex life in the marriage is bad (although it might be), it just means the cuck understands there are certain types of sex he can’t give his wife. And critically, it turns him on to see her indulge in what he can’t give her.

Listen carefully because this is important: An open relationship is absolutely not the same as a cuckold relationship. The husband needs to be turned on by his partner being with other people. Got it? Okay.

Let’s talk about my favourite kind of cuckold.

Submissive Cuckolds

A lot of cuckolds are submissive by nature.

The emotional side of having a cheating wife induces an interesting psychological pain that’s far more complex than physical discomfort.

Straight forward masochism, the kind where you crave physical pain is a common trait in submissives. But craving psychological pain, isn’t uncommon either, especially in more intelligent subs.

Even really intense and painful wounds heal up, on the body’s own time frame. But psychological wounds are arguably more painful and complex.

A submissive cuckold craves the humiliation and degrading nature of knowing he’s not enough for his wife. When she’s playing away, the feelings of unworthiness and shame twist in his stomach and turn him on. Attractiveness, and being desirable is powerful, and what could be more submissive than seeing that in action?

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