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A Hot Wife Describes A BBC To Her Cuckold Husband In Bed

One of the best bits of a hotwife relationship is describing what happened on date night to your cuck

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Simon got under the sheets and waited for his wife Mary to join him.

His cock was already half hard. He knew what was coming. 

He had given his beautiful wife permission to sleep with a younger man who had been flirting with her at work about a month ago, and last weekend, she finally got lucky and went home with him. And this was the bit where Simon got to hear how it was. 

He already knew she’d had a good time.

She’d come home glowing in a way he found both sexy and humiliating in equal measure. And now he was going to find out exactly what happened between them. All the details, with nothing left out.

Simon was not a well endowed man. He knew his limitations in the bedroom and had embraced the facts well before he got married. But it wasn’t until he met his wife, who he felt was as open minded as he was, that he felt he could share his desire to be cuckolded with her.

Mary had loved the idea, delighted at the opportunity to expand her sexual experience with new people. But she was keen not to hook up with a stranger, so Tinder wasn’t an option.

Simon had hoped she would choose a black man for the experiment, and although he hadn’t made the request specifically, he had dropped some hints. The thought of his pale blonde wife spending the night with someone black turned him on to such a degree. He wasn’t even sure why. A large white man should have been just as sexy, but somehow, it wasn’t. A black man with a big black cock felt more forbidden somehow, which made it even more interesting to Simon.

When Mary’s coworker Shaun had shown an interest in Mary, she’d keep him updated every step of the way.

She would take selfies of the two of them together and share them, and talk about how he would flirt with her. Simon loved hearing about this man who desired his wife. He enjoyed learning about him. How he played football on weekends, how he worked out. Shaun was such a masculine man.

He heard his wife getting herself ready for bed, and a small thrill of fear ran through him. 

What if he felt too jealous? What if he couldn’t handle his feelings? Maybe some things were better left as fantasy. After all, he truly loved Mary, losing her would be his worst nightmare. But somehow, he trusted that he wouldn’t lose her, and that he could have this experience safely.

Mary slid in to the bed next to him, smelling of girl-ish perfume and her coconut body butter. Simon’s cock was completely hard in anticipation, and he wriggled towards her to kiss her shoulder and feel her close.

“Hey baby” he started, his voice low with desire and nervousness in equal measure. 

“Hey handsome” she replied, stroking his skin under the covers. “So. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure.”

“You want all the details?”


Mary took a deep breath, and Simon realised that this was going to be intense.

“So you know that Shaun and I went out to dinner after work. And afterwards, I went back to Shaun’s apartment. Where do you want me to start?”

“I don’t think I care very much about the dinner date. But I want to know how he felt. I want to know what you did together. I want to know what it was like to fuck him.”

“It wasn’t like the sex we have. It was so raw. Are you sure it’s not going to upset you, to know everything?”

In reply, Simon took her hand and placed it on his solid cock.

“Does that answer the question? I want you to tell me everything. Every detail. Please. I need to know.”

“Okay. So we went back to his apartment. It’s not big. One bedroom, close to where we had our meal together. I was lightly drunk, I’d had two glasses of wine which felt nice. And I was nervous. I knew this was going to be the first new person I’d slept with in almost five years. And that was big for me. Scary. I’ve got so used to it just being us.”

She began slowly stroking her husband’s cock up and down as she spoke, gently, casually.

“But I really shouldn’t have worried about anything. Shaun is a man who is so used to being in control. The minute we were inside, he was kissing me and pulling my clothes off. He’s so big. I mean babe, he’s so physically big. Being pushed against the wall by a tall man with a muscular body wasn’t like anything I’ve felt before.”

“I’m not like that, am I?” breathed Simon.

“You’re really not.” Mary said seriously. “I don’t think you’ve ever fucked me like you’re in control. You’re always so shy in bed. And your body is soft and curved. It was so nice to have someone who isn’t like that. It made me feel so feminine.”

“What else did you like about it?”

“I loved the way he kissed me. He was so passionate, deep kissing, his mouth was all over me. His skin was so smooth and soft, and a muscular black body really is something Simon. It’s so sexy. To be held by something so powerful.”

Simon whined, allowing his wife to continue to stroke his cock.

“Was he bigger than me?”

“Oh, at least three times the size. I was honestly shocked. I knew where things were going the second we got in the door, soI got on my knees and he got his cock out. He let me look at it and take it in before I sucked it. Like he was expecting I would want to.”

“Tell me about what you did next?”

“I took him in my hands and played with the length of it. I felt how heavy he was. If I’m really honest, I was thinking of you while I did it. How much smaller you are. How different your body types are. It was actually the biggest cock I’ve ever touched.”

Simon whined, wanting to touch his own cock with how painful the knowledge was.

“He was so lucky to touch you. You’re so beautiful Mary.”

“Oh, I know. He told me that. But even better, he made me feel it. I was on my knees in his hallway, and honestly Simon, it wasn’t a nice house. We’ve got such a beautiful home here.”

His wife was finding her stride now, her voice had changed in the way it does when she’s turned on.

“I don’t like to think how many other women he’s fucked in that dingy little apartment but somehow that made it more exciting. Like I got to know what it was like, for one evening, to be a naughty young girl and not a committed wife. It makes me wonder how much I missed out on by being a good girl.”

“You don’t have to be a good girl for me Mary.”

“I know that. And maybe I’m going to get a lot more wild now because I had so much fun with him.”

“Tell me more. Please.”

“After I’d felt his heavy black cock and stroked his balls, I decided I was going to give him a blowjob. He was about half hard when I started. I could barely get my mouth around the head, but there’s something about a cock like that that makes you determined. He told me that it felt good and that I should keep sucking and it made me want to just ram it all the way down my throat.”

“Is that what you did?”

“Yes. He gasped and he actually put his hands behind my head to try and force himself deeper.”

“You hate it when I do that to you.”

“I do. But I didn’t stop him. I mean, how could I? He was so strong. He had these really big hands, and his fingers were in my hair. I don’t think he would have politely stopped if I asked. And anyway. The difference is that when he does it, it’s dominant, like he’s done it a million times on so many girls. When you do it, it’s like you’re looking for the fastest possible way to cum. It’s like you’re out of control. And I don’t like that. It’s not sexy.”

The cruelty was shocking and a huge turn on. Simon didn’t know his wife felt that way at all. He realized that this encounter had done wonders for his wife’s sexual confidence. She was changed somehow, different for it.

“Did you make it through to the bedroom with him?”

“We did. I was already slightly worried about whether a big cock like that was going to be painful. It was the largest I’ve ever seen in my life. He pushed me on the bed and slapped his cock on my pussy a few times.”

“Like a pornstar?”

“Yeah.” His wife giggled a bit. “It sounds silly but it was hot. I got to feel his heavy black dick on my clit. And then he held himself at the base and pushed his big black cock all the way inside my tight pussy.”

Simon moaned, it wasn’t just the words, it was the way she was saying them. She knew how he was reacting to this and she wanted more.

“He wasn’t gentle, or careful. He didn’t give me a moment to get used to it. I was so, so wet and ready for him but it did hurt me. Right on the edge of too much pain.”

“What’s it like, to be fucked like that?”

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The skin on his cock is so smooth Simon. Like the softest smoothest skin you’ve ever felt in your life. The size makes you feel like you’re going to burst, in the best possible way. Like my whole pussy was squeezing him, struggling with how big he was. Even the pain felt right. It felt natural.”

Simon was leaking a lot of precum now, his cock twitching in his wife’s hand.

“Did you cum for him?”

“Oh God yes. It’s so easy, when you’re that full. And the pace he fucked me at. It’s just not something you’re capable of. Such hard, deep thrusting, I came on his cock twice, and they were really good orgasms. Some of the best I’ve ever had.”

“What happened when he came?”

“Well, he did cum quickly. That was the only downside. I got filled up with his seed after maybe ten minutes? I would have loved to be fucked for longer.”

“Hang on, you didn’t use a condom?”

Mary laughed.

“Obviously not. And don’t go pretending like you wanted me to. You didn’t ask me to use protection.”

Mary was right, he hasn’t asked, although he had assumed Mary would wear one. She wasn’t usually the reckless sort. The thought of his wife having bare sex with her coworker was so sexy, he nearly came all over her fingers.

“So he came inside you?”

“Yes. The first orgasm I had was the hardest I’ve cum in years. I wish you could have watched it happen. I couldn’t have stopped myself even if I’d wanted to. My whole body came for him and afterwards, I just was completely relaxed and passive. I wondered if he’d stop, but he didn’t. He didn’t even slow down.”

Mary was pumping his cock harder and harder. Simon wished he had been there. He wished he had been able to watch it and take in the feelings of arousal and desire and shame all at once.

“It was the second orgasm that triggered him.” She continued “We ended up cumming together. It would be romantic if it wasn’t such a base encounter. I lay there on his skinny old mattress, in his one bedroom apartment, filled up with a black man’s cum. And I’m your wife, Simon. Doesn’t that make you hate me? There was so much of it too. He really filled me right up with his cum. And he moaned while he was doing it, so I knew exactly what was happening to me.”

Simon whined and couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled himself over Mary, thrust his hard cock in to her body and visualizing her pussy full of her black coworker’s cum, he unloaded almost immediately.

“See what I mean?” Mary said as he collapsed panting next to her. “So desperate.”

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