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Financial Domination 101 – Why Some Subs Want To Go Broke

Have you ever watched someone park up in a sports car, cute heels and a designer dress?

You probably noticed how people’s behaviour changes and adapts to their presence.

Some people become overly polite. Some are transparently jealous. But one thing is for sure, it creates an impact.

As a counter experience, have you ever felt the powerlessness of a big bill at a time when you couldn’t afford it? Remember how it felt? The stress, the shame, maybe a little anger in there too?

In both of these examples, you’re experiencing the power dynamics of wealth. The power of having money, and the powerlessness of having it taken away.

It’s almost taboo to talk about the power that comes along with having money. 

There’s a discomfort to it, like it’s tasteless to acknowledge the power of wealth, and the powerlessness of lacking it. Of course, the only thing that matters is that you’re happy right?

But, my darling. Wealth matters. It is a wonderful form of power.

All the complexities that come along with the power and powerlessness of money are the foundation stones of financial domination.

What Are The Essential Qualities Of A Findom?

To be a findom, you need to look at the world around you, and understand the difference between what’s powerful and what isn’t.

People can spend money in power or in submission. It can also be a neutral, unexciting exchange.

Findoms should avoid looking like beggers at all costs. 

The warm and fuzzy feeling of helping someone who is struggling is not a power dynamic in your favour. Quite the opposite. Donating to charity is powerful for the doner and tramp-y for the recipient.

A good findom will understand the ways that their submissives like to hurt. 

For example, is it painful to watch their money slowly drain away while they’re being ignored? It might feel like a rising feeling of being out of control.

Maybe it’s exciting to them, to play games with their money. Maybe they love to gamble in ways they can’t possibly win, or leave their fate in the hands of their domme’s social media following for everyone’s very public entertainment.

Perhaps it’s humiliating, to be reminded of their place in service of someone far superior to themselves, and they should pay double for the privilege.

These games bring their own types of pain and submissive feelings, in the same way any other D/s power game might.

Which Personalities Do Finsubs Enjoy?

There are lots of different findom personality types, but here are three common examples.


Mostly these are younger women who embody the school bully who may well have put the fetish in their victim to begin with. 

This girl has most likely been spoilt by her upbringing. She believes that the world exists for her entertainment. 

It doesn’t take too much for a Mean Girl like this to turn in to a successful findom. She likes nice things, and believes she deserves them. Of course, she will seek out subs who confirms her world view.

Her style is probably clumsy and demanding but she’s clever enough to know her looks get her what she asks for most of the time.

More than likely, she’s completely unphased by the word no.


These are dominant women who, however they got into their position will intuitively know where a person is vulnerable, wherever that is. 

She has a sixth sense for submissives and where they like to hurt.

God help you if you’re masochistic and find your sadistic findom counterpart. It won’t be long until you’re working a third job to keep up with your domme’s games.

Sadist types usually enjoy all kinds of power kicks, with a style so direct that they see findom as just another form of control they can take.

If it hurts you best in the wallet, that’s where she’s going to strike. 


This girl is special, and she knows it.

Similar brat types, she’s demanding, and surrounds herself with submissives who are happy to give her the nice things she deserves. But while the brat is cute and demanding, these girls won’t ask twice.

Pay up, or suffer the consequences.

Icons make sure the rules of the game are all hers. With all the narcissism and confidence of a celebrity, her attention will feel like the best high. If you want to keep her approval, you’ll need to pay, because that’s your place in her world. 

Subs who likes a challenge are drawn to Icons, because impressing or even pleasing this type of domme is not an easy task.

If you take part in financial submission, play responsibly

It’s harder to know your limits when the power is more abstract. 

Your body knows where your physical limits are in any moment, but it’s more difficult when you’re in the moment and the only thing that matters is your domme and what she wants.

Crossing your own boundaries will result in an ugly and unpleasant come down, full of regret. If you can’t afford your findom fantasy yet, it might be better to work harder before fulfilling your dreams of powerlessness.

Or just be ready to go bankrupt. It’s your life.

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