Emma Is Selling Her Nudes? – A Step Sister On OnlyFans Story

I knew a girl who had her cousin pay for her Premium Snapchat. 

Despite the nudity and sex, she did add him. He paid up, so she thought it was only fair.

This story is slightly inspired by that.

It was late.

Ethan couldn’t sleep. He was restless, and horny in equal amounts.

His phone buzzed:

Hey bro, you know that thing I told you about Emma?

It was from Keith, an older coworker. Keith had heard from somewhere that his Step Sister Emma had started an OnlyFans, which was a stupid and unoriginal rumour.

He typed out a quick reply.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s true, lol

He didn’t even like other people talking about his Step Sister like that. Emma was a little wild, there wasn’t any getting away from that. She was also rude, too dominant, and she had humiliated him on more than one occasion. She was certainly hypersexual. 

But all of that aside, there was no way she’d want tons of men looking at her body. She wasn’t that kind of girl.

Keith’s reply buzzed his phone a second time.

OnlyFans.com/SweetLix18. Sorry bro. 

Ethan sat up in his bed. No way. He went to click the link, then realized he couldn’t. His heart was racing. Was it true?

With a sickening realisation, he realized that Keith was unlikely to lie. He was absolutely the kind of greasy virgin to have signed up too. 

Emma had a perfect body, she got attention everywhere she went. And Ethan knew what it was like to fuck her perfect pussy, and how good she looked underneath her clothes.

He realised his cock was hard and suddenly became completely unsure about what he was feeling. Part of him felt angry. Like someone he cared about was violating herself publicly. Someone he cared about. Someone he wanted. But also, someone he thought of as family.

It was a very confusing feeling.

Because another part of him desperately wanted to click the link. It was a strong urge. Despite having seen Emma naked, kissed her and even had sex with her, he had no nude photos of her at all. 

Every time he jerked off, it was Emma he thought about. Even when he was having sex with other women, Emma would be in his mind an alarming amount of the time. It couldn’t be denied, the kind of orgasm he would have over her pictures, seeing her naked body and beautiful pussy would be next level.

He both loved, and hated the thought that she was sharing naked photos online. He was so fascinated by her, but equally, starting an OnlyFans didn’t feel like the dominant Emma that he knew. Catering to pervy old men, granting their requests, selling her private photos for a few dollars? It was subservient. If he clicked, would what he see change his mind about her? Would it ruin her for good?

Ethan’s cock was so hard. Eventually, he realised even if he denied himself tonight he would get so horny he would look. So he might as well break the spell early and have the amazing orgasm over his Step Sister’s nudes.

So he clicked the link.

The first thing that shocked him was the price. Fifty dollars a month? Just to get in? 50 posts and 1203 likes? That meant she didn’t just have a few buyers. At least 25 and most likely more. At the same time, Ethan realised that fifty dollars was a big spend for him this month. He knew he could still turn back, and he definitely should.

Before he knew what he was doing, he had reached for his wallet and typed in his details. It was too late. He was committed.

The account unlocked as Ethan grew more aroused in the dark. The first few pictures were bikini pics taken at the local outdoor pool. They were nice but not explicit.

He kept scrolling. There were a few topless shots and his cock immediately started to leak. There was something about Emma, she was so naughty. The way she gave her cheeky side eye in to the camera with her perfect round breasts on display might have been the best picture Ethan had ever seen.

He kept scrolling, and what he saw next made his stomach turn. Emma had posted a picture of his cock.

The caption read “rate this junk”. Mercifully, his face had been cropped out, but his arousal had turned in to shame and rage. 

Ethan didn’t sleep that night. He was going to kill his Step Sister.

“We need to talk.” Ethan found Emma eating breakfast.

“Hm, you seem stressed.”

“I’m serious. You’ve really fucked up this time.”

“I doubt it. I don’t tend to do that. It’s not on-brand.”

“OnlyFans Emma? Really? Fucking hell!”

She looked at him and smiled flirtatiously, without a hint of shame. 

“Where’s the problem? Thanks for the fifty dollars. I’ll add it to the collection.” She smothered a giggle.

“You posted my dick!”

“Oh my God calm down. No one can tell it’s you.”

“I won’t calm down. You know Keith from work is following you. Keith, from my work, has seen my cock.”

Emma can’t contain herself anymore, and laughs loudly, nearly spraying her cereal over the breakfast table.

“I know. It’s really funny.”

“What do you mean, you know?”

“Well, I invited Rio to join up because he’s hot. But he’s also a terrible gossip. I figured Keith had signed up because they’re friends. Well, that and he’s the only idiot dumb enough to use his real name as his username. Keef556.” She rolled her eyes.

“Let me get this straight. You’re into Rio, and rather than sending him your nudes like a normal girl, you’re charging him 50 dollars?”

“I mean, when you put it like that, it sounds kinda genius.”

“Mum and Dad are going to find out, you know that right?”

“Yeah, maybe, but by the time they find out I’m going to have moved out so it won’t matter.” Emma grinned.


“Yeah, I’m going to make seven thousand dollars this month.” She looked at him like her success bored her. Ethan’s eyes bulged.

“Sorry Step Bro. Looks like your little sister is smarter than you and now she’s richer than you too. And you’re buying my nudes like a creepy loser.”

Ethan’s brain misfired, her rudeness make him feel submissive and needy.

“Want to know why I posted your cock?” She asked. “I posted it because I knew, sooner or later, you’d pay yourself in for a look at my body. If I’d not posted it, you would most likely have satisfied yourself and kept your dirty secret. But with your cock on display on my OnlyFans for the world to see? I knew you would come and mouth off at me. Because you have no self control.”

Ethan whined, unable to reply.

“I should teach you some self control, I really should. You need it.”

She grabbed his semi solid cock through his trousers and began to rub, working him until he was completely hard in his pants.

“Do you think you can manage not to cum for me?”

Ethan began to protest.

“Shh, don’t even start with that. It’s boring now. I know you want this. It’s not a secret. You’re so in to me, you hate it and you can’t control it and you can’t stop it. Just accept it. It will be best for all of us.”

Her hand felt incredible on his cock, despite the fabric in between.

“I wanted to see if I could catch you paying for my nudes. The idea excited me. It’s okay. I don’t mind if you look at them. You have my permission. I like you being so obsessed with me.”

She reached down in to his shorts, her soft hands making contact with his hard cock.

“It feels really, really good doesn’t it? Having your little sister play with your cock. You’re a total pervert, you know that?”

Ethan nodded, she was right, she was so right about that. Everything about this was so wrong and he couldn’t stop himself.

“How much do you want to fuck me right now? It’s a lot, isn’t it? You really want to cum in your sister’s little pussy again?”

“Yes, oh Emma, yes. Please. I want it so much.”

Emma’s mood shifted immediately and she took her hands off his cock.

“I want you to go upstairs, sign in to my OnlyFans and I want you to watch the video of me fucking Isaac. And I want you to cum over it.”

“What? Why?”

“Because it turns me on. It turns me on to control you. It turns me on to deny you, and to know you’re going to cum over something that’s going to turn you on and disgust you equally. I want you to watch Isaac get to fuck me in the way that you want. And I want it to make you cum.”

“Emma I will eat your pussy. I’ll take the strap on again. Anything.”

Emma’s eyes flashed with annoyance briefly, but then she landed on indifference.

“Your begging is cute. Now I want you to do as you’re told. Go and drain those balls to my nudes. You paid good money for them.”

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