Domme Step Sister Finally Enjoys Her Step Bro – Fauxcest Story

Emma knew her Step Brother was desperate to take their relationship to the next level.

After months of flirting and teasing, Ethan had asked her outright if she wanted to sleep with him. Emma had denied him and kept him desperate and submissive. As a result, he was becoming more and more obsessed with her. Every rejection made him more submissive and more horny.

There was only one problem. Emma also wanted more. She’d imagined how it would feel to fuck her submissive Step Brother more times than she could count. The idea was driving her crazy and she wasn’t sure she could keep rejecting him.

The trouble was, he was so under her control. Emma loved that. He was the perfect submissive and she knew that denial was keeping him needy. Sleeping with him might change that.

Eventually, she made a decision. She would find a way to have sex with Ethan and give up no control in the process.

If she managed it, everyone would get what they wanted. And what could be better than that?

It was the middle of the night when Ethan woke up to his sister’s weight on top of his duvet. His first instinct was to yell.

“Keep your voice down loser.” Emma snapped back.

Before he knew what was happening, Ethan’s left wrist was secured in a restraint somehow. He pulled against it as a reflex, turning to try and avoid his second wrist being trapped too. But Emma was on top and had the upper hand.

The second cuff was around his wrist and secured.

“Emma what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m restraining you. D’uh.”

Ethan rolled his eyes at the bratty reply.

“Jesus Christ. Is this another one of your sick games?”

Emma smiled.

“Yes. Yes it is. You sleep naked, right?”

Not waiting for the reply, she pulls the duvet off her Step Brother. Sure enough, underneath the covers Ethan was completely naked, and his cock was hard.

“Emma, stop being weird. Very funny, you got to see my dick.”

Emma knelt down next to him so she was at eye level.

“So I’ve had this problem for a while. I like you submissive. I like you desperate and obsessed with me and all of the nice things you do while I’ve been denying you sex with me. But I’ve unfortunately I’ve made a mistake. And I hate that, I really don’t often make mistakes.”

“You make mistakes all the time.” Ethan jabbed.

“Are you forgetting that you’re naked and tied up? Shut up and listen. The mistake is that I want to fuck you. And if I give myself what I want, then I’m also giving you what you want. You’ll be so much less submissive if you get to fuck me as an equal. And I was thinking and thinking, how can I get around that?”

Emma pulled out her phone from her pocket and lined it up with her Step Brother’s hard cock, and clicked a photo. Zoomed out and clicked again.

“Hm, how can I make this worse?” She mumbled to herself.

Ethan looked on but didn’t protest. He should fight against this, tell her to not take photos of him but he was so turned on. All he’d wanted, for months, was to experience his Step Sister’s pussy. And now, it looked like he was going to get what he wanted.

“Ah!” Emma had found a sharpie and taken off the lid. Coming in alongside him, she wrote PERVERT in large black letters, just above his cock. Another picture was taken. Ethan felt another submissive thrill of degradation.

He was a pervert. The letters felt like truth. He wanted his Step Sister to fuck him more than anything and he’d wanted it for months. The girl he grew up with was his every sexual fantasy. The sign made him feel exposed, the truth written there for everyone to see.

“I can’t deny you sex any more, but these photos? They’re dynamite and everything I need to keep you submissive. If you start think we’re going back to an equal relationship after this, you’re wrong. You wouldn’t like me to start sharing these pictures around.”

Ethan imagined it, his Step Sister sending pictures of his hard cock and the sharpie sign to his friends and his stomach lurched with desire. Oh fuck, he wanted the humiliation, he really did and his cock was leaking at the idea of his own powerlessness.

Sex or no sex, he was never going to be free of his desire to submit to Emma. There wasn’t any need for this and yet everything about it was turning him on so much.

He watched as his sister stripped herself bare in front of him, everything was coming off, her shorts, her little bra, and finally a tiny thong that revealed a perfect shaved pussy. Ethan wondered if he’d ever been this turned on.

He tugged a little on the restraints, not so much to test them as to remind himself they were there. Emma was in complete control of everything that was going to happen.

“The… the condoms are in the dresser.” Ethan stuttered.

“Why would I care about that?” Emma said.

“We should use protection. My Dad will kill me if there’s an accident.”

“Those condoms are for the whores you hook up with. I’m your Step Sister. I deserve to really feel your whole cock inside me without them. And anyway…” Emma came really close to him, her perfect pert tits so close to his chest.

“Don’t you want to know what it’s like, to have a hot load of cum explode into your Step Sister without any control whatsoever?”

Ethan couldn’t reply, the idea was so incredibly hot it was like his mind was short circuiting.

Before he could get his thoughts together, Emma had swung one leg over him with total confidence.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m actually going to fuck my Step Brother.”

What Ethan had never told Emma was that he’d never had sex without a condom. He’d had a lot of sex, sure. But each time had been protected.

A thought hit his mind that it was like his first time. His first bare pussy.

And so when Ethan’s cock brushed against the heat and wetness of Emma’s pussy, he nearly came instantly. She was soaking wet, so sticky between her pussy lips it was leaking, and a single touch left his cock covered in it.

Once again, he pulled at the restraints.

“No going back now” Emma whispered and wriggled her hips so the whole cock sunk inside her amazing pussy.

Both moaned with absolute pleasure. Emma almost cried out. There had been so much tension, months of build-up. Ethan realised he was fighting to control himself. He was going to cum so quickly and it would all be over.

“Ethan if you cum I’m going to kill you.”

His Step Sister wasn’t even moving, but her pussy twitched and Ethan couldn’t help himself. His cock exploded in to her, pumping it’s thick load inside her wet pussy, his body spasming in pleasure.

Emma had never looked more unimpressed in her life.

“You came in me.”


“After I asked you not to?”

“Emma I’m sorry I…”

His Step Sister lifted her pussy off of his dick, cupping herself so none of his cum got lost. Ethan realised what was going to happen the second her pussy was in line with his mouth. Her soaked and creamy pussy sat down on to his face, his own cum warm against his mouth.

“Open up Step Bro it’s only your own cum. I want you to clean me up seeing as there’s no way you’d be so rude as to cum so fast inside me.”

The scent of her was warm, and sour with the scent of his cum. She was right. He had cum far too fast. Gently, Ethan opened his mouth to taste the goopy wetness from his Step Sister’s pussy. She moaned, wriggling a little against the motion of his tongue.

“You know, I can move my pussy any way I want on your mouth and you can’t stop me.” Emma demonstrated, shifting backwards and allowing more cum to leak out into his mouth like syrup.

“I’m not going to stop until you’ve eaten all your own cum. Then we’ll try again.”

Ethan swallowed. The taste wasn’t good and the feeling of wet cum on his mouth and cheeks left him feeling weak and submissive.

“Put your tongue right inside me and get the last bit.”

Ethan would never tell his Step Sister, but he rarely went down on women. He just didn’t like doing it, but this time, oh, this time was different. He licked up inside her eagerly, tasting his own cum mixed with the taste of Emma’s sweet pussy.

“Okay. Let’s try that again.”

Ethan’s hard on hadn’t softened since he first came, and when Emma pushed her pussy down on to his cock a second time his whole body tingled.

“Hopefully you won’t go off straight away this time.”

Ethan nodded, his arms being secured by his wrists added a vulnerable feeling as Emma began to move her hips up and down, using his cock to fill her pussy.

“I’m so lucky to have such a perverted Step Brother.” She moaned, rocking backwards and forwards, her pretty little tits bouncing up and down. “God I can’t wait to cum on your cock. You’re filling me so nicely. It’s not going to take long.”

Ethan gasped; he couldn’t believe he was so close to cumming a second time already. This pussy was perfect, sweet and tight and so good. He groaned, feeling her pussy getting tighter for her orgasm.

Emma face twitched and then she cried out, cumming and grinding backwards and forwards on his cock. Ethan couldn’t help himself and came again, a second load of cum filling his Step Sister’s cunt.

She caught the look of pleasure and shock on his face and for the first time in a while, smiled at him warmly. His Step Sister leaned forward and gave him a light kiss before climbing off the bed.

“You’re not going to stay and cuddle?” Ethan joked.

“Absolutely not. But we’re going to do this again soon, for sure.”

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