Cleo Sussex Spring March Update

Telegram Domination Now Available

We’re nearly done with Winter and we’re moving on to Spring.

I felt the time was right to update my journal and let you know about some changes that are going on.

So What Has Cleo Been Up To?

I’ve been going through one of the biggest shake ups in my life since 2020. It’s out with the old and in with the new. I’m very excited to see what life has for me next.

You might have noticed my gorgeous new pink colours and several changes to the site over the last month.

Are There More Changes Coming?

There are a few things.

Unfortunately, I’ll not be continuing with producing audiobooks. I’m planning a lot of travel in the coming months and keeping my environment private and quiet to make them isn’t something I can guarantee.

I think it’s best to skip creating them completely, rather than worrying about having a suitable environment to make them in.

What’s The Good News?

There is plenty.

Skipping over the audiobooks leaves me more time free to focus on creating regular stories. I’ll be releasing a new free femdom story every Monday, and there will be more information articles coming too.

I’m also expanding my domination sessions on to Telegram.

Previously I’ve been very focused on playing with my subs and roleplay fans through Premium Chat, and that’s worked well for me up until now.

But I’ve been reluctant to take on some of my favourite femdom activities, such as chastity training and task setting because I understand regular contact, check ins and aftercare are important. Premium Chat is great, but it does sometimes mean my favourites and I miss each other sometimes, and I hate that.

As a result, I’m now offering ongoing domination via Telegram, like a femdom girlfriend experience. This is only available to subs once they have introduced themselves and I know a bit about who they are and how we can play together.

You can get more details on my domination page.

To celebrate, I’m offering a discount for new comers, so we can get to know each other before I make you entirely mine.

I’d like more updates like this please?

Great. X (formerly known as Twitter) is the best way to know what I’m up to day to day.

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