Kink Roleplay – Five Things I Love About Sexting

I’ve been having so many excellent sex roleplay clients recently.

I feel compelled to write this love letter to kink roleplay, sexting and just how good it is with the right people. If you’re part of the reason I’m writing this, or you plan to be in the future, I know I deserve you. But it doesn’t stop me being grateful.

I’m femdom Cleo Sussex, and these are all the things I love about my roleplay sessions.

We Can Do It Anywhere

If you’ve got a phone with an internet connection, we can play.

If you’re in the office, your wife is next door, you’re under a duvet somewhere or you’ve got a few hours to yourself before bed, there’s no limit to where we can have fun together.

Imagining you hard for me in situations you’re not meant to be is icing on the cake and makes me feel wonderfully in control of you.

We Don’t Have To Be Ourselves

Of course, it’s fun to be ourselves too.

But if you come to me and ask to roleplay as my Step Brother, the innocent guy next door or my best friend’s husband? That’s hot as fuck. Set the scene and let’s go.

I love taking on different roles and world building something exciting and sexy around us. I’m more than happy to be your teacher, CEO or Step Mommy.

We’re Not Limited By Our In-Person Boundaries

Let’s be honest, there’s probably a lot of things that turn you on but you wouldn’t do in real life.

Submissive guys might love the idea of being a plaything at a multi guy gangbang but would never dare in reality.

Maybe you can’t go to a sex club or see an escort or a pro domme due to your personal circumstances. And most of us wouldn’t be interested in a real sexual relationship with our step family.

Part of the fun is pushing the boundaries and indulging in a fantasy together. Who knows, maybe down the line you’ll try these things in real life. But plenty of things can stay just a fantasy, and that’s okay.

We’re Not Limited By Natural Laws

This is particularly interesting if you’re interested in feminization, transformation or super powers.

In reality, I can’t turn you into a girl with the flick of a wand. As much as I’d love to choke you using the force and not my hands, that’s not something I can do either.

But if your mind’s eye is powerful, I’ll make sure you can feel exactly how vulnerable you’d be losing your air supply pinned to a wall.

I can also take on a storyteller type role and roleplay multiple partners, both male and female. Haram fantasy, anyone?

Post Nut Clarity Is Real

That relief from reality and the pleasure of cumming resets your mind and makes everything feel better and more relaxed. And with a roleplay session, it’ll take you longer to build up for a more satisfying finish.

Of course, if you’re the kind of masochist who likes to be denied orgasm, I’ll take great pleasure in that too.

Pre Book Kink Roleplay Sessions

This month, I’m going to be opening up roleplay session slots.

This way I can be prebooked in advance so no one has to wait while I’m busy. Sessions will be 30 minutes or an hour long, and there will be a small discount from the Premium Chat price.

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