Barney The Salesman Learns He’s Submissive – A Findom Story

Matthew pulled his Mercedes onto the drive of his friend Barney Harrington.

Looking at the terraced home, and Ford Focus he’d parked up next to, this wasn’t the opulence that he was used to seeing from his oldest friend. Barney appeared at the door and grinned at him.

“Oi oi Matty!”

Matthew grinned back, and decided to be blunt. “Barney! What’s all this? You’ve finally embraced a humble life.”

“Well, there’s a story there.” Barney replied, looking sheepish.

“I would expect no less.” Matthew relied as he fished the bottles of champagne out of his car’s boot. 

He was invited into the very average home, which was nicely warm and well decorated. His sharp eyes took in the details, this little home was very loved. There was art on the walls, tasteful furniture and a warm smell, like Barney had been defusing scented oils.

By contrast, his previous mansion home had been sterile and open plan.

This space might be humble, but it had been planned out beautifully, and with love. There must be a new woman, Matthew decided. Only the love of a woman could get Barney Harrington to spend time on interior design.

But there were no signs that a woman was living in the house. No women’s shoes by the door, no coats on the rack. It was strange. He settled himself on the very comfortable cream coloured sofa and looked Barney up and down. The other man did look well, there was a glow about him.

“Okay” Matthew began “I’m going to shoot straight. When you said you’d moved, I was ready for a mansion. I know you’re killing it. BBH Sales did ten million in turnover the year just gone, right? That’s phenomenal. Three years ago, you weren’t sure the company would survive. You turned everything around.”

Barney smiled happily. 

“It has been quite the transformation, you’re not wrong.”

“I’m pleased for you old friend. I’m impressed. What changed?”

“Everything changed. Actually, it’s interesting. It goes back to three years ago. You might remember, I flew to Los Angeles, but before I got there I had two nights in Vegas. And I had a chance encounter with the most amazing woman.”

Matthew nodded to himself, patting himself on the back mentally.

“Ah, I have to say. I suspected this. Whenever a man turns himself around there’s usually a good woman behind it all. When can I meet her?”

Barney looked sad for the smallest second. 

“It’s not like that, Matty. I’m going to tell you what happened. But you need to keep your mind open. It’s complicated. I’m not sure you’ll be able to understand it. What you need to understand is that I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m experiencing real peace, true contentment. I need you to keep that at the front of your mind as I explain.”

Matthew handed Barney a glass of champagne and held his up to toast his friend.

“You are the happiest I’ve seen you in a long time. And there’s no denying your success in business this last year. I’ll keep my mind open. Tell me, what happened in Vegas?”

Barney was feeling lost. When he felt lost, he acted recklessly.

And Vegas welcomes the reckless with open arms.

Frankly, he was used to winning. That’s how it had always been. 

He was a born salesman, and always had been. He was also charming and a natural leader. 

However, his business was failing. 

His Dad had always told him he lacked any sense with money. He’d overspent, over recruited and over advertised. And now he was deep in the red and it felt insurmountable. Deep down, he felt like a loser.

His mind was so full, full of emotions and angles and possibilities. Vegas was a good match for his chaos. He’d been wine drunk before he landed. Before he had hit the casino, he’d downed half a bottle of wine and taken a fist full of 50 dollar bills out of an ATM.

What did it matter? He told himself. It was very likely he would be bankrupt soon. His enormous home, his car, everything would be gone.

As he entered the casino, a woman had caught his eye.

Barney had been too career focused to fall in love, and honestly, he got bored of most people eventually. There hadn’t ever been a woman to break the trend.

But he was a red-blooded male, and there was something about this girl. She was wearing a long red dress that glittered in the synthetic lights, holding a flute of champagne. Her figure was perfect, a plump cleavage at the front and the roundest ass filling out the back.

Her fingers, neck and wrists glittered with silver jewellery.

But the thing that captivated Barney the most was the way she moved. It was as though she owned the whole of Vegas, a cat-like entitlement and reassurance that poured off of her. 

Barney rubbed his eyes. He’d drunk too much. It was time to gamble.

He swayed over towards the roulette wheel and pulled the wad of dollars out of his pocket. And as he did so, he felt an arm run over his shoulders.

“Hm, are you sure you want to do that?” 

Barney knew immediately it was the woman in the red dress, and despite himself, his heart skipped a beat.

“Excuse me?”

“Are you sure you want to do that?” She repeated.

“Darling, I can do whatever I want.”

“I never said you couldn’t. Darling huh?” She said thoughtfully “You’re an English man, a long way from home. Far too drunk, expensive suit, you’re like thousands of other losers I’ve seen come and go today. But there’s something about you. Something worthwhile. And I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m never wrong.”

Barney laughed.

“Okay, so, what’s the pitch? You’ve got my attention.” Barney fixed her with a look. He was the best salesman he knew, and this woman was squaring up to sell him something with an ego that rivalled his own. He was distracted, amused, and ready to take her sales technique apart.

“Give me half of those bills, and I’ll tell you.” She gestured at the money in his hands.

“What? Why?”

“I’ve got your attention haven’t I? I would imagine that’s a hard thing to get from a big shot like you. I’m so beautiful. And here’s the really important thing.”

She leaned in to whisper

“I’m better than you. So much better. So hand it over.”

The scent of her was so perfect. Barney wasn’t sure if he was too drunk or if he wanted to see what was going to happen next. But sure enough, he took the handful of dollars and carefully gave her half.

And in that moment, time seemed to stop. Like Barney had fallen in love and sealed his fate at the same time. The woman in red got in close again, her mouth so close to his.

The pain the ripped in to his body was pure agony. Barney cried out and nearly crumpled to the floor. She’d kneed him hard in the balls.

“She kneed you in the what?” Matthew said with absolute shock.

“She kneed me in the balls!” Barney laughed “Really, really hard. It hurt so much I nearly fell over, right there in the casino.”

“Well. It’s one way to introduce yourself I suppose.”

“Oh, if there’s one thing that Cara knows how to do, it’s make a first impression.”

“Coming from you, that’s quite the compliment.”

“Isn’t it just.”

“So you just handed her half of your Vegas cash, to hear her sales pitch. And she kneed you in the balls. And this somehow ends well for you?”

“It was most likely the most important night of my life. I’d never felt so taken advantage of. So despite the fact it hurt, I followed her out of the casino.”

“Where are going?’ Barney yelled out after her. “I paid for your sales pitch.”

There was no part of him that believed he’d been mugged, even at that point.

The woman in red turned back to look at him, grinning widely.

“You thought I was selling you something? Wow. That’s not what’s happening here Darling. I’m just laying the foundations of our new relationship.”

She turned back, her heels clicking on the pavement.

“Give me half of the rest of your money.”

“Why would I do that? I don’t want to.”

“So whiny. You’re going to. Now you’re invested. You want to know what happens next. Giving me that money just because I asked felt better than any thrill you’d get in that place, right?” She thumbed backwards to the casino they had just left.

Barney realised in his drunkenness that she wasn’t wrong. He felt alive, alert, curious, fascinated by her. He reached in to his pocket to retrieve his money, and separated another half.

“If I give you this, you’re not going to kick me again, are you?”

She smiled softly.

“I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Barney handed the money over and felt her heeled shoe connect with his sore balls a second time. He yelled out in pain.

“What the fuck! You said you wouldn’t.”

“Sometimes I lie. My name is Cara, and you are exactly who I thought you were. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“You’ve heard of BBH Sales?”

Cara smirked.

“Do you think you’re important? No I’ve obviously not heard of you. Don’t be silly.”

“What did you mean then?” Barney’s ego was rapidly becoming more bruised.

“I can spot the ones who want to fall. Submissive men, the ones who need a superior woman to keep them in check, the ones who know their place in this world. Big shots on the outside but losers deep down.”

“Actually, I’m one of the most successful sales people in England. I am very good at what I do. I’m flying to LA in two days.”

Cara looked him up and down.

“You are wearing the second best suit you own and it makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ve drunk more than you usually do and you’re not celebrating. You do not plan to be celebrating this week. You most likely have a tiny penis. I think you’ve got nothing.”

She shrugged her shoulders, like a poker player about to raise the stakes.

“This meeting, it could be worth one hundred thousand pounds to my company.”

“And right now? You’re not going to get it, are you loser?”

“Obviously I’m going to get it. I’m Barney Harrington.”

Cara raised one eye brow and the moment stretched out between them until Barney’s shoulders slumped. He had no idea how she knew how hopeless he felt. But she did.

“Okay, I’m going to take the rest of your money, and then you’re going to come back to my penthouse and I’m going to teach you some things. You need me. And I like the look of you. I think there’s more to you that this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Okay, this time you’re going to let me kick you in the balls. You’re going to let it happen.”


Cara kicked out, and this time Barney fell to his knees.

“You wanted it that time, right? You wanted the pain, the shock of it, you wanted to understand your place. The reason you feel that way is because your whole body understands who you truly are, and yet, you haven’t accepted it yet. You’re not some hotshot, you’re not a big deal. You’re a loser.”

“What, I’m meant to just accept that? You’re beautiful Cara. But you’re not very nice are you?”

“And neither are you. But you are submissive, and you want to be submissive to me. And I can work with that.”

“I have no idea what you mean.”

“I’ll explain, and then you’re going to give me the rest of that hard earn money of yours. And you are going to thank me for taking it. Are you ready?”

Barney took a deep breath. “I think so.”

“Okay, here it is. You’re so weak and submissive. You were meant to serve in this world. Not to dominate. Not to be an alpha or a winner or whatever other silly idea you have in your head. You were made to serve me, and women like me, and others too. You’re in desperate need of understanding what you should already know. And once you do, well, who knows? Maybe next time you’re here you’ll be giving me ten times as many dollars. Now give me the bills, and thank me.”

She was mesmerisingly beautiful, and so powerful in front of him. The most divine thing he’d ever seen in his life. This was so crazy, so bizarre. But he’d wanted to take a gamble, right? He’d wanted to let fate decide what happens next.

Barney handed over the last of his money.

“Thank you Goddess.”

“So she was a dominatrix?” said Matthew

“Cara is a Goddess. The most powerful woman I have ever met. We went back to her penthouse together. I didn’t sleep that night. She showed me so much. It turned out she was right. I won the LA contract, but I wouldn’t have done it without her.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Service huh?”

“It’s taken a long time to come to peace with it. I’ve worked ten times as hard, and I’ve been happy and focused in a way I cannot describe. I’m a changed man. I walked in to the pitch willing to serve. I am devoted to service, and submission. To Cara first, and then everyone else around me. Being submissive fulfils me. Not just in the bedroom, but everywhere. Knowing and feeling my place is the most important thing to me.”

The other man took it in, trying to work out what to say next.

“And Cara isn’t your girlfriend?”

“I could never date a woman like that. We are not equal. It’s enough to serve her. More than likely, I would not be able to have this experience with a girlfriend anyway. A woman who slowly becomes average, with human flaws. She will never be that, for me. But she is the most special and important person to me.”

“You make it sound romantic.”

“It is a kind of love. I do love her.”

There was another pause.

“Well. It’s not like any relationship I’ve heard of before. But I suppose she’s bringing out the best in you. Everyone can see that. I’m happy for you, old friend.”

Barney smiled, realising there was no way Matthew could truly understand unless he’d lived it. He turned the conversation to other things

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