Not The Baby Daddy: A Cuckold Impregnation Story

This is a prologue to say Sarah is a bit evil. I know. I’m aware.

Where as some of my stories are inspired by things I’ve done or would like to do, this one is entirely off the menu and is pure fantasy. The scene turned me on a lot, but the consequences of this would be messy to say the least.

This husband is a really limitless submissive. I expect there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife.

“I want to raise beautiful babies. In this world, it’s important to be strong, and handsome. Beautiful people have happier lives. They earn more. They have better choices when it comes to who they marry. It’s not a popular truth, but it is the truth. Do you really think your children will be winning any prizes on sports day?”

The pain and humiliation of her words is deep.

Todd’s wife Sarah has become more and more out of control in her lust for power. And, now, after five years of marriage, she was ready for children. But it was not his children she wanted.

Cruelly, she laughs.

“I mean, do you even remember what it feels like to fuck me? I mean really fuck me?”

She grabs his package through his trousers, pulling his chastity cage painfully.

“I want to remind you that you chose this life. You wanted the cage, you wanted denial, you asked me to date and fuck other men. Cuckolding you, it wasn’t my idea. And I’ve always wanted a baby and to have a family. But the idea of allowing you to cum in me now, it feels wrong.”

“We could… I mean, there are other ways.” Todd mumbled.

“You want me to inseminate myself from your cum? You want me to create a child, carry it in my body for nine months, care and make sacrifices for the offspring of a man who has had his cock locked away for… how long has it been now? I don’t want that life. You must understand that.”

“So you want to get pregnant… But with someone else?”

Todd looks up at her. When she’s like this, she’s so beautiful. Passionate, cruel, mean and confident. He loves her so much and she turns him on more every day. His aggressive, dominant wife.

“Yes. I want to get pregnant by someone else. It feels right. If you think about it, it is the right thing. Are you going to pretend that doesn’t turn you on? The thought of raising a child a superior man created. Completely cuckolded. In fact…” her cruel grin grew wider.

“In fact, I think you’re going to ask me to. Can you imagine it? Watching as I fuck my bull, knowing what we’re trying to do. Knowing that we’re going to get me pregnant. And knowing you’re nothing to do with it.”

Todd whimpers, trying to keep the idea from his mind. He’d watched Sarah fuck other men many times now. The mix of shame, submission and arousal was intoxicating.

The last two occasions, he’d suggested she could not use a condom, but she’d declined the offer. A few days later, she confessed to him that her hook up that night had also suggested it. The power of being asked by both men for bare sex had turned her on, and he’d watched her cum beautifully thinking about it.

“Do you really think I deserve to be made pregnant by you?”

Her eyes blazed, already knowing the answer.


“And do you want to have a family with me? Your wife. The woman you married.”

“…yes. I think I do.”

“Then what’s the solution?”

Todd squirmed. She was right. He was going to ask for this to happen.

“The solution is for you to get pregnant by one of your boyfriends.”

“Good boy. You’re right. I knew you’d work it out eventually.” She rubbed on the chastity cage gently, increasing the arousal and frustration.

“I erm… I only have one request.”

Sarah looked at him sternly.

“What request?”

“Erm… can it please not be with Christian?”

Sarah laughs.

“Why not Christian?”

“Babe, you know why.”

“I want you to say it. Why don’t you want Christian to be the boyfriend who gets me pregnant?”

“Because… well. Everyone will know what happened.”


“Christian… he doesn’t look like me. He’s black. If Christian gets you pregnant, I’ll be a joke. I can’t even pretend the baby is my baby.”

“Yeah.” Sarah replies “I guess it will definitely make you a joke.”

Todd lit the candles in the bedroom slowly.

He should have known the minute he requested Christian not to be his wife’s baby Daddy, would be the moment Sarah decided he would be.

And the more he considered the situation, the more it turned him on. Why was he like this? But the more time he imagined it, looking after his beautiful wife and her boyfriend’s child, the more he wanted it. There was a sick truth in what his wife had said. Christian’s child would be strong, and handsome, or beautiful if she was a girl.

Would he work harder for this child that he didn’t father? Chase promotions, work more overtime, be even smarter? Maybe he would. A man provides for his family and a submissive man should work twice as hard. There would be nothing he wouldn’t go through for this child once they arrived.

Sarah was getting herself ready in the bathroom and Christian was downstairs on the Playstation. Maybe tonight was the night. Maybe she would get pregnant straight away.

“Okay babe, we’re ready!” Sarah’s voice called from outside, and then she walked in. She looked almost angelic. This woman, she shouldn’t be real.

She made him weak every single time. She was wearing a white quarter cup bra that left her nipples bare, full French panties and a white corset. Her nails and toes were painted white too, leaving him thinking of a virgin bride. A bride about to get fucked and made pregnant.

His cock was swelling in his cage, his face blushing. Chastity had made him appreciate every part of her more every day he was denied. He could write poetry about any part of her.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?” She says. Even her voice sounds like music.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Are you excited?”

Todd’s heart was racing. He was going to watch this Goddess get pregnant. Watch her pussy get filled with the seed that was going to make her pregnant. And it was going to be Christian’s pregnancy. Tall, handsome Christian, with his big arms and huge cock.

Before being with Sarah, he would have hated this man. But now, as his wife’s cuckold and a full time submissive, he was able to relax and let that go. He was able to see Christian’s confidence and tight body as objectively desirable. His biceps were like art, the large curve of them and the weight of the muscles. Todd liked how he was competitive in everything, even small things. Christian was protective, and funny, and charming.

What a gift, to be cured of his jealousy and to be able to see only beauty in him.

“I am excited, I think. I can’t wait to watch this.”

Sarah lent down and kissed his cheek.

“You’re a good husband.” Such a small amount of praise and yet it left him overwhelmed with love for her.

Christian appeared in the doorway, and Sarah immediately went over to kiss him passionately.

“Wow. You look perfect. Doesn’t she look perfect?”

Todd nodded, unable to find words. They just looked so good together. His wife in his arms. Her small body made to look even smaller by his large size. Not for the first time, he thanked whichever higher power gave him the gift of such closeness with this perfect woman.

Such a woman should never be limited. Not to one man, not to one experience.

“Todd, I want you to take my panties off for him.”

He moved across the room to kneel down in front of her. Her long, soft legs towered in front of him. Her pretty feet sunk into the carpet and capped off with smooth white nails made him feel incredibly submissive.

Reaching up, he hooks his fingers inside the lace panties and pull them down, showing her perfect pussy. She was shaved entirely, her lips slightly puffy, the wrinkle of her clit ever so slightly larger than usual. Sarah steps out of them, one foot and then the other.

“Good boy.”

Sarah positions herself on the bed and Christian joins her, kissing her mouth and neck. The energy between them is so electric. Todd was suddenly convinced it would be difficult for his wife to avoid getting pregnant. This big, masculine black man surely was incredibly fertile.

Sarah was at the ideal moment in her cycle. Because of course she was. Her attention to detail is superb and always has been.

“Hey. Hey Todd. You can sit on the bed if you want?” Christian spoke softly, and the invitation was genuine and respectful. The last time Christian had cuckolded him, he’d been casual, joking around and teasing him and his locked cock. But this time was different.

Todd settles himself down on the bed and takes Sarah’s hand.

“I think it’s only going to take one time” she says. Todd makes a small sound in agreement.

Christian take his pants off and his hard black cock is already leaking precum. There’s something more thrilling about the wetness on the tip of his cock, knowing it’s going inside his wife bare this time. That precum is going to be inside her.

“Do you want to put it in?”

Todd’s heart felt like it might explode. Christian struck him as so straight. He would never dare to ask to touch his perfect large cock and now. Now he could hold it before it goes inside his Goddess?

He nods, and reaches out to hold the heavy cock from underneath. Gently, Todd touches the head to Sarah’s clit, making her gasp. Perfect. It’s so perfect. He holds it there for a second before sliding it down between her labia. His fingers come away covered in sticky clear fluid.

A sure sign a woman is ovulating. Ready to be made pregnant.

Sarah gasps with pleasure and the big black cock begins to push inside her tight pussy. And Christian is so slow, so respectful. Todd takes his wife’s hand and strokes it. It’s all the closeness he needs. This is his place in this. To serve, and to watch.

Christian’s face is twisted with pleasure as his wife’s soft white pussy accepts his length. They’re both so turned on, so stimulated and Todd can’t believe how hot they look together. Christian is going to make his wife pregnant, make her belly grow large and her breasts get heavy with milk.

“Oh Sarah, baby, I don’t think I’m going to be able to last long in this amazing pussy.”

Todd looks down at Christian’s cock fully inside his wife. Her pussy is stretched, the tight hole at it’s limit.

“I’m close too.” She gasps. “I can’t believe how amazing your bare dick is.”

Christian kisses her, their bodies pressed together and Todd watches his ass pump up and down. There’s no way he’s going to hold off cumming. That pussy was tight for Todd’s much smaller cock. The feeling must be incredible.

“Okay, I’m. I’m going to cum.” And then the grunt that tells Todd her married and fertile pussy is getting drenched with her lovers seed.

One extra thrust and his wife is cumming too, letting out a small yelp as she does. Her muscles clench and milk every drop out of his balls. Her hand grips Todds tighter as she cums. They lie panting, face to face, bodies locked together as her pussy continues to accept his load.

“Wow.” Christian kisses her passionately. He pulls his cock out of her and lies down next to her.

“You’re going to want to see how much sperm I just put in your wife. Trust me when I say, it’s a lot. You’ll like it.”

Todd does as he’s told. The soft, shaved pussy is slick with milky cum, both inside and over her clit. His wife’s sticky pussy has coated her thighs too. Inside her hole is filled entirely with white seed, thick and creamy.

Taking one finger, Todd scoops up the seed that hasn’t quite made it inside his wife’s pussy. He looks at it, for a moment on his finger. Proper cum. Seed that his wife deserves.

Gently, he pushes the finger inside her body, making her moan.

“I hope you’re going to lick that finger when you’re done cuck.”

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