Small Penis Ted Gets Humiliated – A SPH Story

Not all guys who love SPH have small penises.

Back in my camgirl days, I was occasionally asked for small penis humiliation only to be presented with a larger than average cock. In this case, Ted has a body built for his kink.

Enjoy x x x

Ted looked in the mirror at his naked body. As usual, his eyes are drawn to his penis.

It’s very small, 4 inches when hard, he had measured several times. Fractions of an inch away from being a micropenis. It was a good shape, a nice fat head. Just very small.

People in school had known. He wondered if it was possible to get through school without someone seeing your willy, either in the changing rooms or the urinals. And once everyone knew, everyone had something to say to him about his small dick.

What disturbed him most was that he hadn’t hated the bullying.

His hormones had hit him at roughly the same time as the discovery of his small dick size. And while his male classmates had their dicks ignored, his was the subject of constant chatter. By his final year, he felt sure everyone wanted to look at his cock, to see if the rumours were true.

His tiny dick was a joke, yes. But in a messed up way, it was also a star.

During the final weeks of school, Lexi, one of the hottest girls had heckled him as he walked into the classroom.

“Hey Ted! I hear you’ve got a micropenis.”

Everyone laughed hysterically, and her confidence was such a turn on. And from somewhere, he’d found the nerve to roll with it.

“You have to buy me lunch to find out.” He teased back.

Everyone laughed even harder. And the euphoria of the perfect come back was an incredible buzz. And then, as the laughter died down, Lexi made a quieter remark that only a few people heard.

“Honestly, guys with small dicks should be taught their place.” It was spoken in a dark and yet flirtatious tone.

He had no idea if she knew how much she’d turned him on.

He’d spent hours imagining beautiful, confident, and mean Lexi teaching him his place. Sometimes with beatings. Sometimes with cages and restraints. Sometimes she would bend him over and spank him, or fill his asshole up with her strap on.

In his fantasies, he would never fuck her. It didn’t feel right. His miniature cock had no business pushing into her perfect body. Far better to cum on the floor, or in her hands as she stroked it roughly. Every Lexi-related fantasy would end with incredible orgasms that would leave him mind blown for minutes afterwards.

Ted flicks his little penis in the mirror. In a strange way, he likes his tiny dick. An average sized guy would never have got Lexi’s attention like that. He was convinced none of his fantasies would have felt as good if she was likely to be impressed by his manhood, rather than repulsed.

But school had been a while ago now. Ted was 23, still a virgin, and in a few hours, that might be about to change.

“Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

Ted raised his eyebrows and gave a grin that made it very clear what he was asking.

Liz blushed and nodded. Ted put his arms around her and they barely made it in through the door before Liz was all over him, kissing his lips and licking his neck.

Her hands grabbed his t shirt and pulled it up over his head. Liz had no idea about his small manhood, but she wasn’t a mean girl type. She was sweet, and slightly shy. And best of all, it seemed like she was in to him. He kissed her back, and fumbled with her dress, attempting and failing to undress her.

“I think you need to get that.”

“Okay, okay.” She grabs his hand and practically drags him on to the sofa, shedding her dress and bra on the way.

Ted undoes his trousers and then takes off his pants. His tiny willy is released into the open.

He had planned not to draw attention to his size, or have a conversation about it. But Liz saw it and the mood dropped.


The awkwardness was deep. Despite thinking about this moment nearly every day for 8 years, Ted didn’t have a plan for the small penis disappointment.

“Is it a micropenis?”

“It’s about a centimetre larger than a micropenis.”

“Okay.” Liz looked at it with disappointment. “I guess it’s fine. I like you so… it’s not such a problem.”

Ted grinned awkwardly.

“Are you good at eating pussy?” She asks.

“I’m a virgin.” Ted says. Liz winces.

“Okay. Well. You can start learning.” She gets on the sofa and spreads her legs open. Ted crawls to her and puts his whole mouth on her pussy, licking deep inside the hole. The taste is bitter, but not terrible. Her pussy is slick and sticky. Liz pushes him away.

“Not like that. I want you to go gently. Lick slowly on my clit. Here.”

Ted tries again, licking gently and deliberately across her clit. Liz sighs happily, wriggling her hips.

“That’s it. A little bit faster.”

Ted did as he was told, the scent was delicious, warm and female mixed with her perfume. He takes a finger and pushes it inside her tight body and she moans.

She’s tight around a finger. She likes the finger. Maybe his penis will be enough for her. The idea of pushing his cock in to this pussy nearly made him shoot his load immediately. If he got the chance, he wasn’t going to last more than a few seconds.

He moved his tongue a little lower and tasted a little of the liquid that had begun to leak from her.

“Oh, that’s… that’s good. Okay. You can fuck me now if… if you want.”

Her lack of enthusiasm was so obvious. Ted stopped licking.

“You don’t want to, do you?”

“It’s just… I’m not really in the mood anymore.”

“It’s because of my small penis, isn’t it?”

“Ted I’m really sorry. I guess I’m more shallow than I thought and… Should I go?”

Ted smiles weakly.

“Don’t be sorry. You don’t have to go.” He climbs up on the sofa next to her. “I get it. Small cocks aren’t sexy. No one is watching porn where the men have tiny dicks.”

“But you can’t help your dick size. I’ve had a nice night. You’re a good guy.” She glanced again at his dick and the look on her face, the look of disgust made him feel light headed.

Ted had been turned on eating her pussy but seeing her disgust at his cock turned him on so much more deeply. The arousal was on a second level. It was like Lexi all over again. Guys with small dicks should be taught their place.

“Don’t feel guilty for what you feel. One of the things that turns me on is when women are honest. In fact, I think that turns me on more than anything.”

“Will you be honest with me in return then?” Liz says, looking Ted straight in the eye.


“Does it turn you on, to know I don’t want to fuck you?”

Ted’s stomach back flips. Holy fuck, Liz was smart. Smart, smart girl. He wanted her to humiliate him and he wanted her to understand that. And she did understand.

“It turns me on a lot. Yes.”

The mean smile that spread on to Liz’s face was so perfect.

“The truth is, your cock wouldn’t satisfy me. I wouldn’t be able to cum. In fact, I don’t see how such a little cock could satisfy anyone. I’m not going to be able to feel that. In fact, you’re probably going to stay a virgin for the rest of your life.”

The cruelty of it was so sharp. Ted whimpers, his little cock hard, his face blushing.

“You were close too.” Liz continues. “Really close. I would have let you fuck me because I feel sorry for you. But now I know the truth.”

She comes in really close, and whispers in his ear.

“Being a loser turns you on.”

Liz’s confidence is growing now, she’s taken control and is running with it.

“Lie down. I want you to see how close you came to losing your cherry.”

Ted lies down completely naked, his tiny cock in the air.

“Why the fuck did you shave it? It looks like a gross little worm. At least with a bit of hair it would look a bit more masculine. Your cock is like an ugly clit with no pussy.”

Ted twitched, his cock leaking. The truth hurt, but it felt so good to hear it said. Liz climbs on top of him, her body is so tight, her breasts are entirely perfect.

“You came so close to knowing what it’s like to fuck me.”

Her pussy hovers right above his cock, she could sink down on to him so easily, that hot wet pussy was so close.

“You will never fuck me. You came so close. Even now, you could grind that little dicklet up and lose your virginity but you won’t. You know it would be wrong, for such a tiny excuse for a cock to be any thing other than pussy free. Well, loser. Are you going to try and fuck me?”

“No. No I’m not.”


“Because my cock is tiny. And your pussy is perfect. It would be wrong.”

Liz leans forward and spits in his face.

“Damn right it would be wrong. I bet you’re close though. Really close to cumming. I bet I could make you cum with one finger.”

Liz holds an index finger up in the air, and puts it in her mouth like she’s sucking a cock. Ted squirms, she’s right, he is close. That soaking wet finger stroking his cock was definitely going to be enough to make him cum.

Liz removes the finger from her mouth and without hesitation, she smoothly slides it inside his asshole. Ted groans, the feeling is incredible, the shock of her penetrating him sends pleasure through his whole body.

Liz moves the finger in and out.

“Am I right? Is that tiny clitty going to make a mess for only one finger?”

Teds muscles were aching, he was close. Even if he wanted to hold back there wasn’t much hope of it.

Liz leans in close and blows hot, wet air on to his cock as her finger works on his asshole. And Ted cries out and comes harder than he’s ever come in his life, his cock squirting pump after pump of hot cum over his belly and chest.

She laughs.

“Wow. You don’t need me to touch your cock to make it cum. That’s really sad Ted.”

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Ted gasps.

“Sadder and sadder. And you’re still a virgin too.”

“I guess I am.” This moment was perfect, crazy, he felt so submissive and happy. “Can I ask you something Liz? Please, be honest.”

“What is it?”

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” Ted was ready for the no. It was inevitable. He was going to lie in his own cum and take the pain like a good loser.

“Truthfully, yes.”

Ted’s eyes grew wide.

“I will never, ever fuck you. But I like your company. And I… enjoyed that. I want to do more.”

She got on to the sofa next to him, and cuddled into his side. And Ted wondered what on earth he’d done to get so lucky.

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