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Small Ted Stays Innocent – A Small Penis Humiliation Story

This is the second story I’ve written about Ted and his small penis. You can find the first one here, but you don’t need to read it to enjoy this one.

Enjoy x x x

Ted had been dating Liz for three months.

So far, it was going well. Better than well, in fact. As time went on, the two found themselves growing closer and closer. 

One Friday night, Ted had been waiting for Liz to get ready and she’d waltz into the room in a long black dress that perfectly showed off her curves. She grinned at him in such a way that Ted suddenly realized he was entirely in love with her.

When he walked into town with her that night, he felt like the luckiest man on earth. He was side by side with most perfect woman he’d ever met. And best of all, Liz seemed to be falling for him too. She was spending more and more time at his house and in his bed. She had dropped some big hints that she would like to move in full time.

There were only two things bothering Ted.

The first was a fear that often haunted new relationships. It wasn’t that he believed he wasn’t good enough for Liz. He knew he wasn’t good enough. 

Ted wasn’t the full package. He had always encouraged Liz to be brutally honest with him, and she always was. His small penis was a big issue for her. She reassured him that no one is perfect, and everything else about him made him a good boyfriend.

Despite this, Ted was nervous that his dream life would come crashing down.

The second thing that was worrying him was that Liz still hadn’t had sex with him. 

He was still a virgin, despite having had a girlfriend for months. Every few days, Liz would tease him and then deny him. She loved the game of making him hard, making him believe she might have changed her mind and be horny enough to have sex with him. But every time, she either denied him, or he came so fast it didn’t matter.

The closest he’d come to sex was a gentle handjob. It made him cum so hard he saw stars. The dynamic of their relationship was such a turn on for Ted. It felt so right, to have a relationship with someone so perfect with no real sex involved. 

But the thought that he might ultimately lose her kept him awake at night. Liz had a high sex drive. She was a natural flirt and loved attention, not just from men but from women too. Surely not being sexually fulfilled was difficult for her? 

Ted was scared to ask. But something inside him believed he should be honest with her, in the way she was honest with him.


She was washing up after they’d both enjoyed Saturday morning breakfast. The sun was streaming in through the windows. Somehow, her facing away from him made it easier to talk.

“Yes babe?”

“Do you think we have a future together?”

She turned around to him and grinned at him, in the way she did that made his stomach swim. God he loved her, and the strength of his feelings made him ever more nervous.

“I hope so. Where else am I going to find someone who makes such good eggs on toast?”

“I’m serious. I really like you. I want to ask you to move in with me. But I’m scared I’m not good enough for you.”

“Why do you think that?”

There was an edge to her voice, as though she was enjoying the awkward conversation.

“Well…” Ted squirmed on his seat nervously. “We both know I’m not the biggest cucumber in the patch.”

Liz snorted with laughter.

“I’m serious Liz. You’re perfect and sexy and beautiful. And…”

“And we both know you can’t satisfy me sexually because your dicklet is an embarrassment?” She finished his sentence for him.

Ted felt himself fill with desire. He couldn’t help himself, he loved it when Liz was so confronting and brutal.

“I guess so yes.”

“Do you not think I planned for that when I first agreed to be your girlfriend? I knew I was never going to have sex with you, right from the start.”


“Of course. I don’t want to. And you know you’re not good enough for that and you don’t want to either. I think you know it would spoil me somehow. To have your gross cock and cum inside me. Your base self wants it, but deep down you know it’s wrong.”

Ted was hard in his pants, trying to focus on what he needed from this conversation. He needed reassurance but instead he was getting humiliated.

“Do you love me, Liz?”

“I absolutely do, yes. This has been the strangest arrangement for me. I could never have guessed it would suit me as much as it does. I love that you’re handsome, and charming. You’re never selfish, you always take care of me. When something bad happens, you’re the first person I want around.”

“But you don’t want to have sex with me? Ever?”

“It’s not right for us. I love the things we do in the bedroom as they are. I love teasing you, making you spunk too soon, making you see how limited and small you are. And I love what that does to you. In fact, I think allowing you to lose your virginity might even spoil it somehow. I think it would make our relationship less sexy, and less fun.”

“But I don’t see how that’s going to work. You’re so sexual. You’re not shy, you’re so confident and beautiful and everyone can see that. Are you really okay with not having any sex for the rest of your life?”

Liz really laughed, a deep laugh, right in her chest. 

“Oh Ted. Are you serious?”

Ted blushed, his stomach lurched, somehow sensing what came next was going to be big and damaging in some way.

“I’m absolutely not planning on denying myself. I assumed you realized. Ted, you’re on a well trodden path here. Men with small cocks like you, pussy free virgins who understand their place, well, their wives and girlfriends all play away.”

“Are you cheating on me?”

“No. Not yet. Right now you’re keeping me too busy. I am in love with you, and your company and teasing you at night and dating, well, it’s all perfect. You’re getting better at eating pussy too, although you still need to improve. But I’ve always known that our relationship will change and get deeper. What I mean by that is, there are so many more sexual experiences you’re going to have.” She giggled lightly “But none of them are going to be sex.”

Ted’s cock was leaking in his pants. It wasn’t something he had considered. He was so obsessed with Liz and he had assumed there were only two paths they could go down. That she would leave him, or that she would be sexually unsatisfied as a sacrifice for their love.

He had never considered there might be other options, and now they were laid out in front of him, he realized he was so turned on by them, and so drawn to them he could hardly believe it.

“Are you honestly telling me that you haven’t considered it? That it might be best for both of us if I looked for sex elsewhere?”

Blushing, Ted shifted in his chair.

“I thought you might get bored and cheat on me. But I would hate that.”

“Ted. Jesus. Why would I do that? I always want to be honest with you. Otherwise what’s the point? And why wouldn’t I be honest? I can see that little mushroom is growing in your pants just thinking about it.”

She came in close enough to him that he could feel her breath on his cheek.

“It turns you on, doesn’t it? It probably turns you on more than it turns me on. The thought of my tight pussy being claimed and fucked by someone else. How it’s going to feel, to know someone else, someone with a proper sized cock gets to cum inside the woman you love.”

The memory of Lexi’s threat from years ago, men with small dicks should be taught their place, echoed in his mind. The whole thing was horribly exciting.

“Are you serious Liz? Do you really want this? Wouldn’t you rather have a relationship with someone who’s just… y’know. Bigger.”

“No. This is the best of every possible world for me. I knew it would turn you on, to be cuckolded. But I would never lie to you. I’ve been planning this direction for us since the beginning. I didn’t expect it to take so much time to get here, but you’ve kept me busy. I think that’s a good thing. Now we have such a strong bond and I think that’s going to make it even more interesting, for both of us.”

“What if I say no?”

Liz grinned, knowing perfectly well the question was a fishing lure for more humiliation.

“Firstly, you don’t just love me, you love my denial and how it feels. You love being virgin and being pussy free for me. Your small dick being denied feels right to you. You love how it feels, you love the frustration, you enjoy feeling your place.”

Ted whined.

“Secondly, I know you hate saying no to me. And you would do anything to make me happy.”

Nodding frantically, Ted’s little dick leaked in to his pants.

“And finally…”

Liz reached under the elastic waste band and grabbed the half-handfull of Ted’s manhood, barely stroking him, knowing how close he is.

“Finally, can you imagine how perfect I’m going to look filled up with a fat ten inch cock? Think about it. Would there be any more suitable way to understand your place in the world?”

Her voice turned to a dangerous whisper.

“What do you think you’re going to feel when he gasps and jerks as he puts his superior cum inside me while you watch?”

Ted’s body spasmed in his chair as his cock exploded his cum all over his chest. Liz let go immediately. She was never keen on getting his cum on her, and Ted didn’t blame her.

“It’s always surprising to me, how such a little cock can make such a big mess. This was a good talk. Can I move in next week?”

Ted looked up at his gorgeous dominant girlfriend.

“Whenever you want, my Goddess.”

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