His Wife’s First BBC – An Erotic Story By Cleo Sussex

This is a story about a different kind of domination.

The husband asks an alpha male as a third to join them. He has been dreaming of new forms of submission and gets exactly what he asks for. I hope you enjoy it.

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“I just think it’s important to make a good first impression.” Bill fusses over the magazines on the coffee table for at least the third time.

“He’s not coming over to read magazines Bill. He’s…” The thought of what he was going to do was still too strange to Samantha. Her mouth wouldn’t say it. She was nervous. They both were. His dark eyes looked at hers.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? I want this to be a good experience for you.” Bill was an attentive husband, and he loved her more than anything. As far as she knew, she was the first to dominate him. She was the first to know how deep his submissive desires ran.

But that was in the evening, just the two of them, in private. Samantha shed her skin there, and became fierce and demanding while Bill became a sweet gentle servant. Would she be able to find dominant Samantha for this stranger?

“I’m just nervous, that’s all. If it’s too much, we can stop.”

Bill smiled. Everything felt very unreal. This was the furthest they had ever taken one of his fantasies and he felt wildly out of his depth. This could be a disaster. There was so much that could go wrong.

And despite all this, the part of him that craved surrender was just under the surface. The fear was mixing with his desire already. Although he was fighting it, he was already inside the experience.

“You really want this, don’t you?”

“More than anything.” He replied “He’s my gift to you. But if he’s not right, please, send him away. I can find you another gift.”

Sam heard the submission in his voice before he broke the moment to make sure the wine was open.

The doorbell rang. Samantha clicked the lock open and on the other side, Albert was waiting for her. Dressed in a well fitted suit with a salmon pink shirt and shiny black shoes, the male escort looked far more handsome than his photos suggested.

“Are you Samantha?” he smiled radiantly and the nervousness fell in to something else. She smiled and nodded, blushing.

“Please, come in.”

The shy wife opened her front door and the man walked inside, the scent of his aftershave leaving an impression on Sam that would stay with her for days after. Bill was waiting in the living room.

“You must be Bill?” Sam watched the two men shake hands. One who was her husband, her submissive lover, the one she shared a bed with every night. The other was his fantasy, a black man with a hard body and a big cock who was going to show her what it felt like to be fucked roughly and completely. Her skin prickled with a new heat.

If everything continued, and no body stopped them, she would fuck this man while her husband watched it happen.

This was Bill’s dream, his idea and something he’d raised a few times before they gave Albert a call. Up until now she hadn’t considered how much she might enjoy it. She had assumed this was a job for Dominatrix Sam, the one who loved to spank her husband and make him beg for more pain.

“Would you like a glass of wine? I hope you found the place okay.” Bill was already playing the host wonderfully and the two men settled themselves down on the sofa. She noticed Albert picking up the white envelope, his fee for the few hours they were going to enjoy his company.

Her husbands eyes were all over Albert’s body and she could see that look in his eyes. Pain turned to pleasure. Like a hard cane over his buttocks, but this was different, it was psychological pain. Dominatrix Sam smirked inside her. Her little pain junky.

It was an obvious move to position herself on the sofa against him, her face against his huge shoulder and he instinctively put a warm and solid arm around her. He looked down at her and smiled again and Sam melted in to wetness she felt between her legs.

“A few things before we get started. We can stop at any time. Do we need a safeword?”

“If she wants you to stop she’ll tell you. I don’t want you to be rough. Unless…” Bill’s eyes looked for Sam’s.

“I’ll ask if I want you to be rougher.” She giggled softly, her hands stroking Albert’s big arms.

“Okay. Did you have any special requests? I’m pretty unshockable so if there’s anything else, just say.” That big smile again. There was a moment where Bill felt seen, like this man might somehow know the depths to which he might sink.

“Not this time. If everything goes well, then next time… next time there might be.”

Sam knew what Bill was struggling with. At first, he had wanted this experience to happen bareback, with no condom. Before, the thought of having a stranger and an escort spill his cum inside her filled her with worry.

But now, tucked against this warm, firm body the idea seemed irresistible and exquisite. What was happening to her?

“I want you to treat her like a princess. Be gentle. I want you to make her feel things she didn’t think were possible.”

Following direction, Albert scoops his wife up from the sofa as though she was weightless. His arms bulge as he carries her to the bed. Bill follows behind.

His cock is hard and uncomfortable in his trousers. How much does she love me? Will she stay with me after? This will test it. This man is big, and strong. An escort who knows how to make her feel inhumanly good.

Is it possible I’ll lose her? Bill’s heart pounds in his chest. A spike of pain runs across his heart, intensifying the sick pleasure of it. This is harder and more difficult than any pain she could put on my skin. I would be running with blood before this pain could be matched. He’s going to make her feel so good, my wife, my lover, my dominant.

Bill watches as he lies her down, so gently, on to their bed. Samantha lies, dazed, dreamy and Albert waits for Bill to enter the room and close the door. Each second has weight as Bills sits, his aching cock hot in his pants. He’s waiting to show me their first kiss.

Smoothly, he presses his body close to Sams and softly kisses his lips against her. It’s gentle, and sweet. Samantha’s whole body seems to relax as it happens.

As they undress, it occurs to Bill how perfect they look together. Samantha has such smooth, pale skin. Her slim, tight body against his big dark muscles. He looks so strong, so able to protect her.

The escort pushes her backwards on to the bed and now she looks at him, her eyes wide. Slowly, he pulls off his briefs to show off a huge hard cock. He smiles at the waiting husband. Not the open and friendly smile from his first arrival. The smile says ‘I’m going to take something that is yours’. Bill’s cock begins to throb.

Samantha, seemingly mesmerized, leans forward. It seems like she wants to touch but Bill knows better. His wife was going to suck the huge black cock without even turning to look at him.

“No, no, not yet” the escort whispers softly. He pushes her back again, on to the sheets and pushes her legs apart to see her smooth, shaved pussy. His tongue touches her clit for the first time and a sigh of pleasure escapes her mouth. For the first time, Samantha turns her head to look at her husband as the escort’s tongue gently licks at her clit.

“It’s so good.” she murmurs, eyes dazed. She looks drugged. Bill reaches out and touches her hand.

“I want to see you cum like this. I want my wife to cum like this.” He mumbles, taking in how her body responds to him.

Her back arches and a deeper moan escapes Samantha. Bill can tell the intensity of the licking has increased. He’s going to get what he asked for. His wife begins to whimper, her breath gets heavier and she grabs her husbands hand tighter.

Sam’s pussy throbs with wet heat, desperate to be filled. The licking tongue moves across her clit again and again. It won’t take much to make her explode and as Albert’s finger pushes in to her soaked cunt, her eyes open wide. She meets the eyes of her husband for a fraction of a second before she cums, moaning and thrashing against the sheets.

Samantha takes a while to recover. She lies twitching on the sheets, occasionally mumbling oh my God. The aftershocks run over her body. Bill kisses her mouth.

“You look so beautiful like this.” he says, stroking her hair.

Albert waits. Watching. Patient. One hand softly strokes the outside of her thigh.

“Are you ready for your first black cock?” The escort’s length was somehow even larger and harder than when they started.

Both men looked at Sam, her flushed face and messed up hair seemed to need a moment. But she nods eagerly. Albert kisses her mouth deeply, pushing his tongue against hers. Then he lines the swollen head of his cock against her white pussy. It seems like it might be impossible for such a tiny pussy to take a cock like this.

Bill is mezmerised. The escort pushes his hard cock against her clit, teasing. Getting her ready for it.

“He’s not wearing… y’know. He’s going to fuck you bare. Is that what you want?”

The question is directed at Sam, but Bill wonders if he even knows. His cock is so hard and the thought that this enormous black cock is going to fill his wife makes him feel crazy. He wanted this. He wanted to know what it felt like. But once it’s in, there is no going back.

“I want it. I want him bare darling. It’s going to feel so good I think and I want the whole experience now.”

The escort waits until Bill is watching. Ever so slowly, his cock pushes in to her married pussy. The head stretches her wide and then tightens over the shaft. Both gasp as it happens. Bill can see his cock throbbing as the thick black length disappears inside her, inch by inch until they’re entirely together, face to face.

“How is it?” her husband asks

“He’s so big… It’s like he’s filling me completely. Like I might burst. Fuck…”

Albert leans down and kisses her. The kisses aren’t as deep, they’re tense kisses, full of desire. He wants to fuck, he’s holding back.

“Relax baby. You can take this. It’s going to feel so good.”

Slowly, Albert begins to fuck. His cock pulls out almost entirely, then slides back in, twitching and throbbing. Sam moans. He’s so big, each thrust tests her pussy. It occurs to her that this cock is going to cum inside her. Fill her even more full.

The pace increases and Sam can feel the familiar tension in her pussy building. The muscles tighten and grip as the hard cock continues to work in to her.

Bill strokes her hand again, powerless as his wife crys out in a way he hasn’t heard before. He can tell she’s close to cumming around this huge cock. His wife was going to take this huge black escorts cum in her pussy. Was he disgusted? He’s unsure but he wants to see it happen more than anything.

Sam gasps, her eyes wide and she cries out, her whole body in orgasm. Her pussy sprays with pulses of liquid as she squirts hard against Albert’s hot body. It really was like nothing he’d seen before. Bill had no idea his wife could squirt. It was a secret unknown to him, something he couldn’t do, something he couldn’t give her.

The aftershocks continued for Sam as Albert leans forward and grabs her closer.

“Are you ready baby? I’m going to give you a nice warm load of cum now, okay? This big cock is all yours and it’s going to cum inside you. Not your husbands cum. What do you think of that?”

Sam whimpers, her complete desire entirely obvious. She was no coy, shy wife right now. His wife had become a slut, desperate to have his load inside her. His body thrust deeper and harder than before.

“Are you sure? No going back. Here it comes baby. I’m coming.”

Albert grunts deep and then throws his head back as his cock cums inside her. Such hot, thick seed gushes in to Sam’s pussy and her twitching aftershocks milk out every last drop from him.

They stay like this a while, and then Albert pulls away. Bill can’t help but look as the hard cock pulls out and his wife’s pussy spills his creamy seed. Albert puts a huge arm around his shoulders.

“If you want to taste, you can.”

Bill looks down at his fucked, exhausted, dazed wife. He awkwardly pulls off his trousers, and removes his pants. In seconds, his small, white cock head is against the heat of his wife’s pussy. A part of him wants to savour it, to slowly dip his dick in to the thick cum. The cum in his wife. The cum that isn’t his.

But he’s held by it, and he can’t do it slowly. He needs release. He pushes his smaller cock all the way inside. She’s impossibly sticky, thick with cum and her own body’s wetness. Somewhere deep in his mind, he acknowledges that her body is less tight. The knowledge makes him feel crazy and overwhelmed. The soft, sticky hole lined with thick cum makes him twitch and before he knows it, he’s added another load to his wife’s pussy.

Sam looks at him. Dazed, and shocked. Was she disgusted? Slowly, Bill pulls his prick out of her. Between the two of them, they’ve really messed her pussy up.

A big hand claps him on the back.

“I’m going to let myself out. You two have fun.” Albert finishes rebuttoning his shirt and leaves the room.

Bill collapses, sweating, next to his wife. She kisses him. Is it less eager? Less romantic?

“So did you enjoy it?”

Sam’s eyes light up

“More than anything.”

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  1. This may be the way it happens when Kate decides to take her first BBC.
    We watch or listen to a porn story and use it as a format.
    We’ll be doing these things until we’re really into it and know what we want for each other. Thanks Cleo.

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