Hook Up Impregnation Sex Story – Spring Is In The Air

***Spring is here and it’s making everyone horny. This impregnation sex story is inspired by the “being horny all the time” spring feeling. Enjoy!***

I’d been feeling it for weeks now.

Wherever I was, whenever I was able to pause and think, my mind would turn to sex. It was like a kind of madness. Nowhere and no one was safe from these thoughts.

I would pass a guy in the street, look at him, take in his figure and his body and wonder what it would be like to take him back to my apartment. I would imagine how it would feel to be held by those muscular arms, and what I could do to provoke them to pin me down and aggressively fuck me.

It didn’t matter what the guy looked like or who he was. Every man seemed to be a valid target for my fantasies. It didn’t matter if he was chunky, slender, younger, or older than me. I was crazy with desire, stupidly horny.

And worse than that, I would imagine the details nearly constantly. I would imagine in explicit detail what size and shape a strangers cock could be. I would imagine how sticky it would get when I licked and sucked on the end of it. But the thing that occupied my mind the most, the thing that was truly my fixation was his climax. That moment when he fills my tight warm pussy with cum. My fantasies never ended with his cum anywhere else.

Of course, I would fantasise about other things too. I would want to have his cock in my mouth, push it down my throat until I gagged on it and he was leaking precum. I would imagine how it would feel to bend over, and have him fill my asshole up with his hot prick until I was totally stretched out and gaping. But the come would never end up there. It would always be inside my cunt. Every time.

I would imagine the moment when he couldn’t hold on any longer and his warm seed flooded inside my pussy. Strangers, people at work, the guy who makes my coffee every morning, I imagined fucking them all. All I could do was hope that no one noticed where my thoughts were.

I was in this state of mind during my lunch break. I had a cappuccino and a sandwich sitting in front of me, but my mind was so wonderfully preoccupied I hadn’t touched any of it yet. My mind was a million miles away, under fresh sheets with the guy who had smiled at me across the room. In my head, he was shy at first, but after he got comfortable he would be firm with me, and slightly wild. So eager to fill my pussy up with the cum it really did need.

I was just getting to the good part when my friend Tina sat down opposite me with a coffee of her own.

“Hey girl, how are you doing?”

It took me a moment to gather myself.

“Oh Tina, hi. I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

“Yeah, I’ve got myself one of those rare days off. I came into town to escape the kids and to do some shopping. Do you mind if I…”

She gestures at the seat opposite me, and now the fantasy is broken I’m glad of the company. Tina could help me take my mind off things. I tell her she’s welcome, and she makes herself comfortable.

“Isn’t it lovely weather we’re having?”

It is very warm for June. Tina and I worked together for about six months and quickly bonded over our shared love of rock music and house plants. But she isn’t a close friend. I try and remember the last time we had a chat and realise I can’t remember.

“It is beautiful” I agreed. “How are the kids?”

“Well, there’s news on that front.” Tina grins widely, the kind that can only really come from being extremely excited. “You have to promise to keep it to yourself, but I’m pregnant again!”

She took my spare hand off the table and spontaneously places it on her stomach. She isn’t very far along, but already there’s a little curve on her belly. It feels swollen under her sun dress. I can’t help but notice her breasts look amazing.

“Oh Tina, wow. Congratulations.”

“Yeah, I think there’s something in the air at the moment. Everyone’s getting pregnant. Did you hear about Gabby?”

“Yup. I saw the Facebook post.” My hand hadn’t left Tina’s pregnant stomach where she left it.

“All of this spring weather. Be careful, you might be next.” Tina’s blue eyes looked at me and it was like she was really seeing me. My stomach twisted with a strange excitement. I withdrew my hand.

“You know I don’t have a boyfriend, right?”

“Why would you need one of those? Okay babe, I’ve got to run.” She swallowed down the last few mouthfuls of coffee and gathered up her bags. “Keep in touch, yeah?”

As she was leaving, I realised she’d kicked my sex drive in to an even higher gear. I needed to get laid. Ideally tonight. I reached for my phone and messaged Keith. He was the kind of guy who would never say no to a hook up.

Hey Babe. What are you up to tonight? ?

A message like that would be good enough to get the message across, and I didn’t have to wait more than 30 seconds for a reply.

Pretty much nothing. Just me and the TV, unless you want to change that?

I spent a moment remembering his tanned skin and stubble, warm lips just perfect for kissing me while he fucks me.

Can I come over at 6? I just want to chill after work.

The reply was almost instant this time.

Of course. Are you sure you just want to chill?

I needed to get back to work. The message could easily be ignored. And yet, I found myself composing a message.

You’re right. No chill. I want you to fuck me tonight. No messing around, no food or TV, I want to come over and get fucked. I don’t want to use a condom. I want you to fuck me so hard I’m feeling it tomorrow and I want you to give me the biggest load of cum I’ve ever had in my life. Can we do that?

I gather up my bag and return to work, not wanting to wait for a reply. I know from my period tracker that I’m fertile today. Tina’s joke could become reality very quickly. I push the idea gently to the back of my mind.

The afternoon went slowly. All I could think about was how good it was going to be to fuck Keith. After what seemed like forever, I signed out of work. Keith’s apartment wasn’t far, ten minutes away on foot.

I buzz myself in and climb the stairs to the third floor. I am so aware of how wet I am as I climbed, step by step, each one taking me close to the thing I need. Keith met me at the door. His soft brown eyes look me up and down with complete lust. I didn’t even wait to be let in before kissing him.

I kissed him deeply with all the desire I’d been holding for weeks. My tongue pushes into his hot mouth, trying to tell him how much I need him to fuck me. Keith grinned again my mouth.

“Hey, hey. Don’t you even want me to ask how your day was?”

I needed him so much. I put kisses all the way down his jawline and on to his neck. My hands were already searching his clothes, trying to find places where I could take them off.

“Okay, okay. I’ll give you what you need.”

That drew a little whimper out of my mouth as I continued to kiss. A small voice in my mind reminded me of the text I’d sent. You asked him to fuck bare. No turning back now. My pussy is so hot, so ready to be taken. Keith gives me a small push into his bedroom. It’s all I need to remove my work clothes and climb on to the bed on all fours.

I make sure to push my ass in the air as I look behind to see Keith stripping off. He seems nearly as desperate as I am. His big fingers pull down my thin panties and in the same motion his huge throbbing cock fills my pussy. As promised, there’s no condom.

I’ve been wanting this moment for hours now, and my cunt is creamy and slick but despite this, Keith’s cock is still big enough to make his entry slightly painful. I draw in breath and to his credit, Keith holds still. I can feel his bare cock twitching inside me.

“Are you okay baby? My God your pussy feels so good. I can’t believe how good it feels. You’re so tight. I can’t believe you don’t want to wear a condom. You know I’m going to cum inside you, right?”

His words come out whispered and fast. I moan at him; I’m so turned on.

“Are you ready? I’m going to fuck you so hard, like you asked for. I’m not going to stop until I cum either baby, I hope you’re ready for it. Are you sure you want it?”

I look back at him over my shoulder and I nod. Keith begins to roughly fuck my pussy. His cock is seriously good, fat and making me feel so full. And this pace, surely, he can’t fuck me like this for long. It feels so good but there’s no possible way he’s going to keep this up.

“Oh my God. I’m going to cum babe. Your pussy’s too good, I can’t hold it back.”

He gasps and both of his hands grab my hips.

“Here it comes! Oh my God…”

His cum floods my pussy, his cock buried deep inside me. I hold still as I feel my pussy fill with sticky, creamy cum right to the top, until it leaks out and runs down my legs.

I curl down on to my side, basking in what just happened while Keith gets a towel to clean up.

“That was so hot.” I mumbled.

“Fuck yes it was hot. But why the no protection? That’s a bit risky, don’t you think?”

I smiled at him.

“Well, you gave me what I wanted.”

“You’re not trying to secretly get pregnant, are you?”

I laughed at the suggestion, but in truth I don’t know what I was thinking. I remember for a moment how beautiful Tina looks, newly pregnant and glowing. Do I want that? I push the idea away for now.

“Want to go again?” I ask.

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