Sleep Demon Swallowed My Load – Succubus Sex Story

“You want me on the frozen section? Again?” Becky was moaning about her job to the manager. Again.

She was easily the cutest supermarket girl and Darren had a terrible crush on her. She had blonde hair, pink lipstick and always smelt like candy. The baggy uniform she had to wear for work was a tragedy, as far as he was concerned.

Unsurprisingly, Becky hated her supermarket job and wasn’t shy about letting everyone know.

She had a bubble butt sent from heaven. Even moaning about her job, Becky looked amazingly hot.

The duty manager dismissed her and she groaned, accepting her fate. Becky’s blonde hair flounced past him and then stopped.

“Darren when was the last time they put you on frozen?”

“Last week, I think?”

“Do you think I deserve this freezer duty?” Becky started walking towards him. “Because I promise you, I don’t.”

She got down on her knees in front of him, two coworker and the duty manager were looking now. This was weird behaviour to say the least. Extremely out of character for Becky, and his coworkers in general.

“B-becky? I don’t know what you’re doing. Freezer duty isn’t the… oh God!”

Her pink lips had just sucked his hard cock in to her mouth, where her tongue was licking it frantically. Several more coworkers had come to see what was going on, a shocked look on their face. At least they were in the warehouse. This kind of display would get him arrested on the shop floor. It might get him arrested anyway.

Darren tried to reason with her.

“Becky, what are you doing? That feels great but people are watching!”

Becky moaned and sucked his cock even deeper in to her throat, unleashing even deeper pleasure.

One of his grey-haired coworkers rounded the corner and gave him a big wink and a thumbs up. There was no way he was going to physically stop Becky from sucking his cock, but what the fuck was this?

“Becky, if you don’t stop soon you’re going to make me cum. Becky. Fuck, Becky please.”

He looked down to see her blonde hair working up and down on his cock. This might be the hottest moment of his entire 23 years of life. He was seconds away from cumming. His mind was so close to going blank. He raised his eyes to the ceiling.

Darren came at the exact moment he woke up in his bed. His orgasm was one of the deepest he’d had in a long time. It wasn’t until the aftershocks started that he realised he wasn’t alone in his bed.

He yelled and flinched backwards, pulling off his duvet and throwing it on to the floor. Between his legs, on all fours was a creature with black bat wings and pale white skin. Her big blue eyes looked up at him. She looked as scared as Darren felt.

“Who are you? And why are you in my bed?” Darren demanded

She swallowed and her wings got tighter to her back. Her pink tongue licked out several times, taking any extra scrap of Darren’s cum into her mouth.

“I’m Malskye.” She said, like that explained everything. Darren was unimpressed.

“Did you drink my cum?”

“You weren’t mean to wake up.” She pouted, looking down. “My prey doesn’t normally wake up.”

“You gave me one of the best orgasms of my life, I was obviously going to wake up.”

The creature looked pleased about that. She grinned and pulled herself in to a sitting position, showing off the most perfect pair of breasts Darren had seen in his life. Her soft bare pussy was visible too and Darren couldn’t take his eyes off it.

“Are you a Vampire?”

Malskye rolled her eyes.

“Obviously not.”

“I see wings. Are you an angel?”

“I was once. But I’m fallen now.”

Darren’s thoughts clicked into place.

“Succubus?” He said.

Malskye grinned and opened her wings a little while nodding. Darren grinned back.

“You should have taken me on a date first.”

Malskye ran her hands over her bare breasts.

“I like to feed. I don’t date.”

Taking one hand, she pushed Darren back on to his pillows, and examined his hard cock.

Malskye dipped her mouth down, extending her tongue and all Darren wanted was to let her but somehow, he managed to catch her before her incredible mouth made contact.

“You’re going to feed on me, again?” He asked.

Her big eyes looked up at him innocently, making his cock twitch.

“Yeah. Don’t you like it?”

“I do but… I like it when a girl makes me feel like I’m special to her.”

Malskye’s eyes darkened.

“You’re not special.”

“Well, you’re not feeding on me then.”

Malskye climbed up from her position between his legs and kissed his mouth with the most gentle, sweet kiss Darren had felt in his life. This winged being was kissing him like she loved him, like he was the most precious thing she’d ever seen.

They sank down on to his bed slowly, naked bodies pushed together. Darren wrapped his arms around her wings as the succubus whispered into his ear.

“Just because you’re not special doesn’t mean I can’t make you feel good.”

She had no idea. Darren had lost his virginity, but wasn’t very experienced. His first time had been disappointing, and brief. This Malskye creature was the most beautiful thing he’d seen in his life. Her skin felt perfect and soft and wonderfully smooth. His hands travelled lower, touching the curve of her ass cheeks.

She kissed him again with so much tenderness and pushed her tongue gently against his lips and in to his mouth. Wriggling her hips, Malskye rubbed Darren’s cock with her pussy, rocking backwards and forwards. Her pussy was slick and hot and Darren was so thankful he had cum once already. Just the feeling of it rubbing up and down would have been enough to make him cum.

“Do you want to fuck?” The succubus whispered, and all Darren could do was nod and let her work.

She covered them both with the duvet, before kissing Darren again passionately. Her fingers reached between them, finding his swollen cock and guiding it in to her tight, twitching pussy. A wave of pleasure ran through Darren, his body had surely never felt this good before.

Malskye began to thrust on to his cock, pushing her body backwards smoothly, filling herself up with hard cock. Her breasts dragged on his chest, soft and perfect. Her pussy was wonderfully tight, clenching around him like it wanted to milk the cum right out of him.

Darren moaned and she kissed him, increasing the pace. Her hot mouth licked his neck, his cheek, the shell of his ear, the whole time that incredible pussy worked his cock until he was so close. He needed to let her know.

“I’m going to…”

Malskye moved demonically fast, pulling her pussy off and replacing it with her hot wet mouth and greedy little tongue. The suction was light but the eagerness was backed by real thirst. Her lapping tongue and eager mouth got what they wanted. Darren tensed and fired more cum in to her mouth, thick ropes that were swallowed the second they left his body.

Malskye continued to suck and lick his cock after his orgasm faded, making him feel raw and over stimulated.

“Okay, okay. Don’t be greedy, there’s no more now.”

The succubus fell backwards and looked at him with pouty lips.

“There’s always more.”

“No, there isn’t.” Darren yawned. “And I hate to be that guy, but I have work in the morning. I need to sleep now.”

Malskye looked upset.

“You can give me more.”

“No. I can’t.”

In the moments before he fell asleep, he became aware of the Succubus getting under the duvet next to him. Surely this all was a dream.

Darren woke up with a hard on, and a cum thirsty demon between his legs wetly licking his balls. It was 6:55am.

“Oh my God.”

Darren lifted the duvet up and caught the girl’s eyes. She looked back with pure lust, her wings tight to her body, and plunged her hot mouth on to his cock. He’d cum twice in the last few hours but Malskye was absolutely going to get her breakfast.

“How do you know the alarm is at 7am? Have you done this before?”

The succubus did not look like she had any desire to answer. Her tongue licked so quickly and desperately, like she couldn’t wait to have her thick, creamy meal. Her whole head pushed down and slid Darren’s thick cock into her throat, the tongue still working frantically.

Darren was so close and Malskye redirected her attention to his ballsack, lapping between both. Her mouth closed the deal with two more thrusts into her tight throat. Darren tensed hard and then released another load, the third this Succubus was going to drink from him.

She swallowed eagerly. In Darren’s experience, human women will wait for the cumming to stop, and then swallow the load all in one go. But not Malskye. Her tongue worked on his head and shaft the whole time, sucking and swallowing the entire load squirt by squirt, like his dick was a hard straw and his cum was sweet milkshake.

Darren collapsed backwards. He’d never had head so good before. Memories they’d made during the night came flooding back. Had he reallyfucked a demon?

His alarm went off, and when he looked down, Malskye was gone.

Work was boring.

Darren really had needed it to not be boring because he couldn’t get his mind off his sleep demon. It didn’t seem real. But if it hadn’t been real, it had been one hell of a dream.

He went out into the warehouse and saw blonde Becky with the nice ass stacking breakfast cereals. For some reason, she didn’t look nearly so hot this morning.

He sighed. There really wasn’t enough work for so many staff. He turned the corner, looking for something to do and ran straight into the big blue eyes he’d found in his bed last night. She was wearing a supermarket shirt with the correct logo, her wings stuffed awkwardly into the back.

Malskye smiled shyly and Darren melted inside at the same time his cock began to get hard. She was shorter than he’d realised, and somehow even more sexy.

He grabbed her arm and dragged her in to a stale smelling interview room. He turned on the light and locked the door.

“What are you doing here? I mean. Can other people see you?”

“I got thirsty.” How could suck a cum hungry demon look so innocent?

Malskye grabbed him, pulling off his shirt and then began tugging on his belt.

“Woah woah woah.”

Darren looked down and realised the succubus was already nude, her perfect breasts bare, her black wings slightly ruffled, seconds away from giving him another mind blowing blowjob. She looked back at him, wondering what was keeping her from her next meal.

Could he even give her another load of cum? Darren reached back and pulled down the meeting room blind. At least there was almost no risk of being discovered.

“You can’t just show up here to feed on me Malskye. I’ve got work I need to be doing and…”

“You need to feel special again?”

“No it’s…”

The demon removed his pants and his cock was half hard. Her tongue extended out, licking the tip so gently Darren’s whole body shivered.

“It’s okay. I understand.” She said softly, sucking his cock like it was the most delicious candy.

Darren was completely hard in seconds, despite his previous doubts. Malskye got up, turned around and bent over, displaying her perfect asshole and pussy. Her black wings and soft skin were so available to him and so exposed.

The succubus reached behind and held Darren’s cock, stroking it, and then as he pushed forward she guided him towards her asshole.

“Malskye are you…”

Darren was cut off as the demon had pushed back and taken the first inch of his human cock inside her tightest hole. She looked back at him, clearly enjoying the shock on his face, and pushed back again, taking another inch up her ass.

Darren steadied himself with his hands on the door behind him and Malskye thrust backwards a third time, taking the full length of his hard on inside her.

The feeling was exquisite. He was buried deep in an asshole that wasn’t even human. Her black wings were becoming more spread and looking at her soft white ass accepting his hard human cock inside her body was mesmerising.

The inside of her hole was so tight it felt impossibly good. The smooth inside had clearly been well lubricated. Or maybe succubi were just like this.

Malskye pushed backwards, again, her ass jiggling with the deep thrust. And then she began properly working him, thrusting back with speed, almost twerking her asshole on him.

She wanted his cum fast, and Darren definitely wasn’t able to deny her. Not while he was in her ass. He looked down and saw his cock disappearing in to Malskye’s asshole and gasped.

As before, she swung round, replacing her asshole with her throat, tongue desperately lapping away for her meal. She seemed unconcerned his cock had been in her ass seconds before. A noise of pure desperation came from her throat and she worked the whole dick to get her drink of cum.

Darren gave her what she needed. With a gasp he came hard down her throat, this load didn’t even hit her licking tongue. It was delivered directly past her throat, no need to swallow.

He kept his hand on the back of her head while his cock pumped and then leaked cum. Malskye’s throat swallowed around him as a reflex but there was no gag. This creature was incredible.

He released her when every drop was gone, but she still licked the head eagerly to be sure.

“Thirsty little monster.” He said “I need to get back to work.”

Malskye looked up at him with big eyes. Her wings opened, and then she was gone.

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