Gwen Buys A Submissive – A Femdom Sex Slave Story

Gwen’s experience with using the housekeeper with her friends, as well as some of how Goddess Tabatha does business are things I’ve written about before.

But they aren’t required to enjoy this one.

It was impossible to cover everything I wanted to inside one post, so I have no choice to write a part two at some point soon.

Enjoy x x x

Gwendolyn Myers woke up with a wet pussy. Her whole body was craving sex. She’d been dreaming of the housekeeper, again.

She reached for her favourite dildo, a heavy silver length and sleepily pushed it inside herself. It filled her perfectly.

Images filled her mind of her friend’s servant licking her pussy. One of her closest friends had turned her sexy housekeeper in to a fuck toy and Gwendolyn was still annoyed she hadn’t had the idea first. The whole thing was so damn sexy.

She pushed the toy in deeper as she remembered how he had licked her. He was so worshipful and precise and so focused on her pleasure. Surely, that was what had made it so good.

It was obvious the housekeeper was a servant at heart and had studied carefully to make sure he could give them the most pleasure. He allowed himself to be used too, his hard cock curved and perfect.

The memory of how he looked with her friend Chloe bouncing on his cock was enough to make her cum, hard, and deep. She lay back on her Egyptian cotton sheets with a mind clear mind and relaxed muscles.

She had decided. Gwen needed a sex slave. After all, Gwendolyn Myers got the best of everything.

“So you’re saying this person is legitimate?” Gwen leaned over the table towards her companion, struggling to believe what she was hearing.

“Would I lie to you?”

Herb grinned at her, showing off big white teeth.

“I’m serious about this Herb.”

“I know. Or you’d be telling your girlfriends and not your dealer.”

Gwen rolled her eyes.

“Friend. You’re my friend. With pharmaceutical benefits.”

Herb stirred his coffee with his tea spoon, tiny in his huge hands.

“This girl, yeah. She’s legitimate. I think she’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.”

“How do you know?”

Herb took a long swig of his coffee before replying.

“Every month there’s an invitation only party down on the South Bank. Powerful women with their male toys. Very exclusive, and best of all, everyone gets absolutely trashed. Now you know me, I’m never going to miss a party like that. Professional reasons only of course.”

Gwen nodded. It was one of the reasons she liked his company. Herb was open minded and had a good eye for business.

“I’ve been going down there two years now.” He continued “Anyway. This girl, she never misses one either. And she’s on a different level.”

The big man had a far away look in his eyes. Gwen realised Herb was impressed with this person, and he was a difficult person to impress.

“Most women will attend this party with a man in tow. A few show up with two boys or maybe a minor celebrity. But her? She creates a spectacle. Every event she wears these crazy outfits and drinks only champagne… she’ll sometimes give people expensive gifts like it’s nothing, or let them borrow her boys.”

“Borrow her boys?”

“Yeah.” Herb grinned again. “That’s the craziest part. She never shows up with fewer than 10 men. All of them seem crazy about her, they’re all totally obsessed. And they do everything she says. I’ve seen her pair them off with strangers, really slutty stuff too. Anal, threesomes, everything. They never say no. It sounds like she’s the one to talk to.”

Gwen realised her heart was racing. This was so exciting.

“I mean, I know a few rent boys who swing both ways if you’re not in to that. I can give you their details, but I wouldn’t trust them not to rob you.”

Herb grinned again.

“Or you could just go on Tinder. That’s where I go for sex.”

Gwen rolled her eyes.

“You don’t get me Herb.”

“Nah, I do. Okay, I gotta run. Her name is Goddess Tabatha. If you contact her, use her full name, she’s particular about that.”

He picked up his phone, tapping for a few seconds. Gwen’s phone buzzed.

“Thanks for the coffee Princess. And let me know how it plays out for you. I want an invite to the wedding when you marry your sex slave.”

Herb’s message came through on Signal, a virtual business card with a web address and contact number.

It didn’t take long to set up a meeting. Goddess Tabatha didn’t ask a lot of questions. A same day meeting came with a 200 pound price tag and Gwen eagerly paid on the spot.

This was the most exciting thing she’d done in a long time.

However, walking up the stairs to the appointment, Gwen wondered if she’d made a mistake. She’d bought in to Herb’s story of a real life Goddess, and this apartment block felt run down and badly maintained.

She arrived at the top floor. A blonde man opened the door to a stylishly decorated studio. He was dressed in a suit with a long tie and nodded his head in greeting.

“Welcome Miss Gwendolyn.”

At a table sat by the window sat a woman with short brown hair. She was wearing a dress in a tartan print and designer sunglasses. Her nails were manicured in a light pink that matched her lipstick.

“Darling.” She said. “Please, come in and join me.”

She gestured at the chair across from her and Gwen did as she was asked.

“So, what brings you to me today?”

“I’d like a new employee. Someone told me you know some people who might be suitable.”

There was a pause between them. To Gwen it felt like sexual tension, like this woman who called herself Goddess might somehow make her fall in love. She felt dangerously close to the edge of some emotional storm.

“Really Darling? No back story, no polish.” Tabatha sighed dramatically “Don’t be coy, it doesn’t suit you. Tell me the real reason you’re here.”

Gwen blushed. No one spoke to her this way. No one dared. She was Gwendolyn fucking Myers. Dominance was in her blood. But there was some kind of strange spell on her here. Gwen took a deep breath.

“I was invited to brunch with some friends. We get together often. And… the hostess had started a relationship with one of her staff. And I’m jealous.”

“What kind of relationship?”

Gwen fidgeted in her seat. Why did she feel so awkward?

“A sexual one. I mean, I’m not jealous she’s fucking her employees, normally that would be gross. But he does everything she asks without question.”

“You’re looking for a man who can do chores and fuck you too?”

“No.” Gwen found her confidence all at once. “Not just fuck. My friend had trained this man. Really well, actually. He was so good at oral sex, and he was open enough to perform it on all four of us. It was really special. I’ve never had anything like it. I want to find the same thing. Or better.”

Tabatha smiled slightly.

“I understand. That shouldn’t be difficult. I can certainly give you a boy for this. Do you want him full time?”


“Will he be given a place to sleep?”

“Of course.”

“There’s a budget for him, you’ll give him time off and so on?”


She paused, like she was thinking.

“It sounds like your friend’s housekeeper is emotionally bonded to her. And all of mine are bonded to me. Usually, when someone makes a request like this, I would give you a boy bonded to me. A sort of… rental. It can be better that way.” Tabatha looks at her nails for a moment, then continues.

“When the boy is bonded to me, you won’t need to give much training outside the basics, and if he displeases you, you can easily send him back, and I’ll replace him with someone else. He will be reasonably limitless, of course.”

She trailed off. Gwen considered a reply, but thought better of it. Her instincts told her something interesting was going to happen if she kept her mouth closed.

After a moment, Goddess Tabatha spoke.

“You’re going to meet three of my submissives and then I want to get to know you better. Luke, I want drinks for two ready for when we get back.”

Luke’s reply was immediate.

“Yes Goddess.”

She got up, adjusted her dress and walked out of the room, grabbing a black Dior bag on her way out. Gwen followed her, her pussy wet under her skirt.

Together, they went down one floor to the apartment directly below. Tabatha got keys out of her bag and let them in.

“I wanted a basement flat for this, but then I realised I didn’t want to go down so many storeys. I train my boys in here.”

Gwen allowed her eyes to adjust to the much lower light inside the apartment. This one had several rooms. The door on her left was slightly open and a bed and a St. Andrews cross were visible inside. Tabatha took them in to the door opposite.

On the floor were three cages, and inside the cages were three men. They were naked, on all fours, and silent. The three sets of eyes looked the two women with the same devotion that Gwen had seen on the housekeeper.

“How does it make you feel, to see them like that?” Tabatha asked quietly. Gwen felt a strong sense she was being tested, like this woman wanted to see who exactly she was.

“I’ve seen that look before. That’s the look I want. They look so… peaceful and needy at the same time.”

“They’re presented like pets because they are pets. And yes. They all know why you’re here.”

Gwen noticed a piece of pink plastic between the legs of one of the men.

“What’s that?”

“You’ve not seen a chastity device before?”


“A chastity cage means that they don’t get to cum or get hard. Not unless they’ve earned it. It’s very frustrating for them. Your friend isn’t using one?”

“Not that I saw.”

Tabatha sighed.

“Then she has no idea what she’s doing.”

Gwen felt a vicious joy. She’d come to the right place.

“I want to play with this one.” She pointed to the cage on the left with her shoe. The man had brown hair and big brown eyes. Gwen wriggled out of her panties and sat down on the large sofa. Her pussy had made them sticky and wet.

“That one’s called Mike, but obviously you might want to rename him. Did you want him to eat your pussy.”

Gwen smiled.

“Yes. If he does a good job, I’ll want to fuck him too, so you might want to get his key ready. Does he have a big cock?”

“It’s the biggest out of the three. But I doubt you’ll want it when he’s done.”

Mike crawled out of his cage and with surprising grace, crawled over to Gwen. She put her fingers in his hair, enjoying the texture. His willing mouth dipped down and began licking her with such devotion it made her whole body tingle with pleasure.

“Is he good?” Tabatha asked, and Gwen nearly can’t reply, the pleasure is almost divine. All she can do is look up at Tabatha and nod dumbly. She climbs on to the sofa next to her, her body is so close. Her perfume smells like some kind of dark magic.

“Mike is the product of six months of training” she whispers “and a whole lifetime of my expertise. He’s not my best work. Not even in the top ten.”

She takes off her sunglasses and Gwen feels a crazy rush of love as she realises she’s getting the best oral sex of her life. Tabatha kisses her and somehow, Gwen realises she’s been driving her whole life with handbrake on. Her body began to shake and Tabatha tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

She knows. Oh God she knows how good he is, how my body has never felt like this before, she trained him to do this. How good is this woman?

Gwen looked into Tabatha’s eyes, a look of pure vulnerability and Goddess Tabatha kisses her again so lightly as she enters the most intense full body orgasm of her whole life.

Mike holds his mouth on her the whole time, and she becomes aware that she’s squirting hot liquid from her pussy, soaking Mike’s face and the floor behind him.

She fell back against the sofa, her mind completely clear. Incredible. Gwen was determined to hold some kind of decorum but it was a struggle. She had no idea she could cum like that.

Goddess Tabatha smiled lightly and replaced her sunglasses like what had happened was nothing.

“I want him. I want Mike. That was flawless. How much do you want for him?”

Gwen reached for her purse. Tabatha’s eyes suddenly darkened, like she had broken some kind of unspoken rule.

“Back to your cage Mike.” Tabatha said. “I’m going to take Gwen upstairs and we’re going to have a talk.”

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