My Bi-Curious Subby Hubby Does Anal – Does He Have Limits?

This story follows on from his first time where my submissive husband Steven sucks his first cock. This first BJ was given to a polite and patient man, Ben.

In this story, things get more rough, and more dark.

Enjoy x x x

My skin prickled with the thrill of it.

My gorgeous husband was so vulnerable. His body completely naked, his ass on show and stoppered with a metal butt plug. The man who was so put together in public was about to get fucked in the ass by a stranger.

I run my hands over his back and his ass cheeks. His body is so familiar, and he relaxes as I touch him. I want to see this happen.

I’m not just creating his fantasy anymore. These games started from a confession about feeling bi curious, but it wasn’t just about sucking cock or playing with other men. He was clear he wanted to suck cock for me. He wanted to be submissive and to be used.

The guy I’d invited around for him to play with had asked me if he was even bisexual.

The way he ate pussy that week was intensely sweet. I never needed to ask twice for help.

And so, his submission is not just for him now. Because I’m getting used to my role as his domme.

The feeling of control and dominance was enriching my day to day life. I walked taller and was more assertive. In fact, a few of my friends had asked “what’s changed?” My new confidence was turning heads at work too. The power was all so delicious.

And it had all led to this. He had asked for all of it.

The restraints, the blindfold, he had even picked out the style of plug he wanted. I told him it would be used today, which made him more focused on the style and materials. He was ready.

I’d planned a surprise for him. Something extra. Something he wasn’t expecting.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I whisper to him, stroking his head gently. “You’re about to lose your anal virginity. Properly this time. To a man.”

He whimpers, pushing his head against my hand like a cat craving contact.

“Remember, you can stop at any time. Say the word and everything ends.”

I toy with the plug inside his asshole, moving it around, letting him feel the sensation.

“I want you to be a good boy. You’re my husband.” I put a strong emphasis on my. My possessed man. “I want you to take this dick well. Make it look good for me.”

I’d pictured it so many times now. It’s strange, when you marry a man, you see him in a certain way. The head of a household. Proud. The one who takes, fucks and provides.

To destroy that stereotype, to see this man in three dimensions, to really understand his true nature is a beautiful gift. I wave his playmate in.

Slowly, I pull the plug out from his asshole.

“I wonder if you can guess who’s fucking you Hubby?”

It’s not the first time he’s enjoyed Ben’s cock. Ben was the first cock he sucked, a guy I found on a hook up app. We had both known this was going to happen eventually, that he would graduate to wanting to be fucked.

His hard cock slowly rubs up against my husband’s ass cheeks, getting coated in the lube he’s been prepared with. I hand him the lube and he pours a good amount in to his hand, rubbing it on to his hard on.

“Just relax, okay?” I watch as my husband wriggles, testing the restraints.

Ben continues to tease his cock against my husband’s slightly open hole, teasing him until he’s completely hard. I stroke his back, and he reaches up to hold my hand.

“N’aw. It’s going to feel good, I promise. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” It comes out dreamy and quiet

“I… want you to ask for it. Ask to lose your anal virginity.”

“Please Sir… I want to be deflowered.”

I looked at Ben. He had told me before that he was well trained, but the way he begged was just perfect. I nod, enjoying the control I have. Ben begins to push his cock against my husband’s open ring, testing it, opening him up wider.

“Oh wow…” he murmurs, completely lost in the act of fucking the virgin asshole.

My husband squeezes my hand a little tighter, a sign he’s walking the line between pain and pleasure as another man’s cock forces its way into his body. I position myself so I can watch it happen, watch his asshole swallow the thick cock.

Ben is rocking backwards and forwards, giving Hubby a little more each time. Eventually, the head of his hard cock pops in past the ring.

Ben sighs, and hold my husband’s hips in his hands, one each side, allowing him better control. He keeps going, rocking backwards and forwards, slowly fucking him open. About four inches in, he stops, and strokes his back.

“Relax babe. Breathe.”

My husband, half impaled on a fat white cock, takes a deep breath. I could see his muscles relaxing at the command and in one movement, Ben buries the rest of his cock inside.

“My God you look incredible like this. How does it feel to lose your virginity? Now all that’s left is for you to have your asshole filled with a heavy load of cum.”

“Are you okay?” Ben asks, his arousal so obvious in his words. “Should I keep going?”

“Please, I want your cum.”

More begging, and Ben starts to slowly fuck, very carefully building up a pace. Every so often, he would gasp, whispering to God under his breath.

“You’re so tight. I can barely believe it. Such a good boy.”

Those words had my husband pushing backwards, moaning and so needy.

“Oh my God, you’re going to make me lose control. You’re so good. Fuck… Are you ready for it?”

He squeezes my hand and whines an Mmm sound that can only be a yes.

“Okay, here it comes good boy.”

Even as he’s coming, he’s not too rough. A gentle increase in speed and Ben is gasping loudly with pleasure, his legs quivering as he cums deep in my husband’s hole.

“Wow. Wow…” He pulls himself slowly out and my husband is left with a small gape. Ben kisses him lightly on the shoulder “Thanks. I’ll see myself out.”

I look at my husband’s open, full fucked asshole. The cum is deep inside, and a little is leaking down his thighs.

“Feel good?” I ask him.


“Good. I have a question for you.”

I let the words hang in the air, building the anticipation.

“Can you take any more?”

“Yes. Yes Mistress.”

I notice the use of Mistress, a good sign he’s deep in submission now.

“Be careful with your yes. I do have something else for you. Are you sure you want it?”

“I want it. Please. Please.”

If I’m honest with myself, even I’m not sure what I’m getting my husband in to. Ben was an obvious choice. I wanted him to be the guy my husband fucked first.

But then I got greedy.

I started trawling the gay hook up app again. And I found Trip. Trip was black, and completely hung. Bigger than any cock I’ve ever fucked. I messaged him back and forward a little. Where Ben was polite and friendly, Trip was short and straight to the point. When I told him what I was planning, he said he would do it.

I was half expecting him not to show up. But he had. And he had waited patiently. Waited for his turn. Something told me he wasn’t entirely safe. Another part of me was excited by that. I wanted to test my husband’s limits and wow, this would surely test them.

Trip waited in the door way, his enormous cock semi hard, his grin dominant and near predatory.

“I want you to be really. Really sure.” I say, trying to drive home what he might be getting in to.

“Test me, Mistress. Please.”

My pussy is so wet and Trip shakes his head.

“Let me give your man what he wants.”

He crosses the room on legs like tree trunks and takes a moment to look at the open, spunk filled hole my husband if offering him.

“You’re a mess. And it’s about to get much worse.”

Trip stands there, rubbing his cock to get it completely hard. He casually forms a ball of spit in his mouth and spits it on to the ruined hole.

“You ready for me to rock your world, hm? Hm?”

Trip spanks his ass casually, but the sound indicates it wasn’t a gentle spank. My husband yelps, and I wonder if he’s going to say his safe word. But instead, he tilts his hips upwards. He wriggles his ass the smallest amount, his body saying take me, fuck me, I want this.

“Please?” His small voice begs.

“Ohhh, you have no idea what you’re gonna get.”

Two enormous hands grab the round globes of his ass cheeks, his thumbs pulling his ass further open, his hands right over my husband’s hips, he begins to work the largest cock I’ve ever seen inside my almost virgin, probably not bisexual husband.

He cries out as the tip of the cock pushes into his used ass. He’s not even accepted the first inch and already his body is tense, and he’s expressing pain. But I don’t hear a safe word.

“No, no, no don’t be moaning now. You asked for this. No way out now.”

His grip on my husband’s ass tightens and pulls his hips towards his cock. One hand, so tiny and pale against his black skin works to push him backwards but it’s so small and a gesture. A part of me genuinely wonders if Trip is going to stop if my Husband needs to.

As if reading my mind, Trip grins at me and a power surge of cruel dominance runs through me.

“Trip has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s about to be all the way inside your asshole. I’m not sure if you’ll ever be the same again. You’re going to be leaking his cum for days.”

I look carefully at his asshole, utterly wide and straining under the force of so much black cock.

“You’ve only taken a third of him so hold on tight.”

“Yeah, it won’t be that way for long. This little white boy is taking all of it.”

Trip pushes forward, forcing more cock inside him. He cries out, absolutely in pain, still not using his safe word. What a gorgeous fucked up masochist.

“I’m going to use your hole and leave you drenched in my cum. You might be her husband. But you’re my bitch. I’m going to make sure you don’t forget me.”

And then he’s fucking him with force I’ve rarely seen. He’s driving his hips and the full length of his cock right into my husband’s ring. I’m stunned he doesn’t safe word. It doesn’t take long before Trip is cumming, growling with his entire length deep in my restrained husband.

I realise I can’t unsee this. I wonder if I’m only beginning to see the edges of how submissive this man is, and how far he might go under the right circumstances.

Trip pulls himself clear, and approaches my husband so he can look him in the eyes. They look at each other for a moment, and then Trip spits in his face.

“You got what you asked for.”

As he’s leaving, I look at my husband’s gaped hole. It’s incredibly open and red raw on this inside. Thick white cum has formed a puddle inside and when he stands up, he’s going to soak the floor with it. I take a few pictures with my phone so I can tease him later.

I wonder if he’ll be shocked with how damaged he looks?

“Well. You’ve gone from virgin to complete slut in less than an hour. Let me get you cleaned up.”

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