My Subby Hubby Goes Bi – His First Time Story

When a follower on Pornhub mentioned his love of guy on guy cock sucking instructions, I couldn’t help but give the theme a go.

I think Steven is definitely a cuck Husband and would enjoy watching his wife with a BBC

“This is your last chance to say no, Steven.”

My darling husband is entirely naked, a collar around his neck, his cock semi stiff. A pretty silver chain runs from the collar and I gently pull on it, bringing him closer to me. I run my finger over his cheek.

He always wants to be pushed. To test his limits. And this is going to be the hardest push so far.

“Are you sure you definitely want this?” I ask him. “Answer me.”


Today he’s going to suck his first cock.

I’m not even sure my husband is bi curious. But he’s been talking about sucking cock for me for several months now. At first it was a shy confession. I showed him a few gay porn scenes, and his lust for the idea grew.

Today, I think he’s ready for the real thing.

“You realise this is so slutty.” I tell him “You don’t know this guy. You don’t know anything about him. And you’re going to put his cock in your mouth. What do you think about that?”

I watched him blush.

“I don’t know.”

“Have you ever kissed a man?”


“Are you even bisexual, Steven?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Teasing him was so fun. I watched his cock get harder as his embarrassment grew.

“You’d better make this look good for me babe. If you’re going to be a whore, you’re my whore, and you’re going to do exactly what I say. Understood?”

“Yes Goddess.”

I give the chain a gentle tug and lead him through to the next room where Ben sat on the sofa. I’d found Ben on a gay hook up app, and I was ready to pay the right guy. But Ben was into the idea, which was so much better.

I’d shared my husband’s pictures, he was just Ben’s type. Perfect.

“Kneel down.” I whispered into Steven’s ear and he dropped to his knees straight away.

Ben wasted no time in unbuckling his belt and removing his hard cock inches away from my Husband’s face. He’s completely shaved, and a nice size. Slightly bigger than Steven and a little wider too with a fat round head.

“Wow… what a lucky guy, to be sucking such a nice big cock for his first time. How do you feel Steven? You wanted this. How does it feel to know you’re going to get it?”

He whimpers, his cock throbbing between his legs.

I gently take Ben’s cock in my hand, softly stroking up and down to make the precum bead on the tip. I put my other hand in my husband’s hair, pulling it a little.


For a moment, I wondered if he was going to resist but after a moment he pushes his tongue out the smallest bit and begins to lick the tip. His tongue collects the clear liquid and he swallows hard without tasting.

“No, no, no. I want you to taste it properly. He’s so sticky for you. You should really taste it.”

I jerk Ben gently again, waiting for his precum to build on the tip of his cock. Another bead appears, and Steven watched carefully, mesmerized by it.

“This time, I want you to really taste it. Lap it up. Like it’s warm milk.”

There’s no resistance at all. Steven closes his eyes and licks Ben’s cock like a little kitten. My pussy twitches, it’s so damn hot seeing him on his knees, licking and sucking a strangers cock.

“Take a little bit more for me…”

I touch the back of his head and my husband parts his lips and allows the head of Ben’s cock into his waiting mouth. Ben gasps.

“I want you to use a lot of tongue. And a lot of spit.” I murmur in his ear “I want your first blow job to be really sloppy. Is he good Ben? Is my husband a good cock sucker?”

“Yeah, he’s good.”

“You hear that babe?” Steven was becoming more enthusiastic now, moving his lips backwards and forwards on the hard prick he was sucking. “I asked if you were bi, I think we both know the answer to that now. You look so good with another man’s cock in your mouth.”

His eyes look up at me, his mouth full of Ben’s cock and he looks so submissive and needy.

“I want you to lick his ballsack too. Lie down.”

I grin at Ben as Steven lies himself down. It would be too easy to just lick the balls as part of the blowjob. It was far more interesting for Ben to sit on his face, lowering his nuts in to his mouth.

Ben straddles his face, his balls and asshole on full display.

“I want you to lick them like you’re cleaning them baby. I want you to really lick those tight shaved balls.”

In such a vulnerable position, Steven looks less sure of himself. I stroke his hair. If he wants to stop, he’ll say so. I nod to Ben, who lowers his heavy balls on to my husbands lips. I watch as he licks, big wet stripes down the centre.

“How does it taste?” I giggle “You look pretty good with another man’s balls on your face. How about this? I’ll make you a deal. If you lick his asshole, I’ll stroke your cock while you do it? Does that sound good?”

I want to push him. I want to see what he’s capable of. I want to see if I can make him lick this man’s asshole for me. And sure enough, he repositions himself and gingerly lets himself lick at the pink anus squatting over his face.

As promised, I grab his throbbing boner and stroke it up and down. Steven’s tongue starts making circles, wetly licking the crack and then returning to the puckered asshole.

“Wow. Not just a cock sucker. Is there anywhere that tongue won’t go? Push it in a little deeper for me. I want you to rim our guest.”

His tongue flicked backwards and forwards.

“No babe. In. Push your tongue into his ass. Just a little.”

Steven moans, and then does as he’s asked. Ben gasps, his asshole being licked in to clearly turning him on even further.

“Are you ready to get your first mouthful of cum?” I ask him, knowing the answer. He’s so ready for this. Steven moans his yes, still working his tongue over the strangers balls and ass crack.

“Do you remember how you wanted it? I remember. You wanted… how did you put it? You wanted your mouth to be used as a cum dump.”

I pull him upwards, back on to his knees.

“You can use him like that Ben. Use my husband’s slutty mouth and throat.”

I held his head steady and Ben pushed his cock between Steven’s lips. I’m not convinced he meant to be so rough but he was clearly so turned on. He pushed into his throat, making him gag.

“Let me know if you need to stop baby.” I whisper, as Ben continues to roughly fuck into his throat. I heard the change in his breathing, knowing he’s close.

“Keep that mouth open. You’re going to get fed the sticky wad of cum you’ve worked so hard for. He’s going to fill your mouth up with it. I want you to swallow all of it. Don’t waste a drop.”

Ben moans and pulls his hard dick out of my husbands bruised throat. He pumps it twice with his hand and lets go of one of the largest loads of cum I’ve ever seen in my life. I watch it leak on to his tongue and then coat it entirely. He moans again, pumping and continuing to flood my husband’s mouth.

The seed is thick, creamy white. I can smell the scent of it, that distinctive smell of spunk that’s filling my husband’s mouth. His eyes grow big as the seed overflows and runs down his chest.

“Wow… Wow, that’s so much cum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much. It’s okay. You can spit it out. But really slowly.”

The warm trickle continued down his chest as Steven drools out the cum he worked for.

“Is that all of it?” He nods.

“I am going to need you to swallow some of it though.” I grin at him sadistically, taking in his collar, his cum soaked chest and his cock that’s still incredibly hard and leaking.

I gather some of the cum off his chest and push my fingers in to his mouth.

“Swallow. Clean up his mess like a good boy.” He sucks my fingers clean eagerly.

“Want more?” I gather an even larger amount off of his chest and he licks it off, tasting every drop. Ben watches, fascinated.

“You have trained him really well.”

“Thank you. But he’s a work in progress. There’s more I want from him.”

Ben nodded.

“Well, if you want me to be part of that… you have my number. I’m assuming he’s a virgin?”

“Yeah. But he’s not ready for that. Maybe he will be soon.”

“Is he bisexual, or just really submissive?”

I giggle.

“Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Whatever he is, he’s a good boy. He did well today.”

I stroke his hair and he leans in to my touch, so eager for the approval. Ben leaned over and stroked his shoulders and neck too, gentle signs of appreciation.

“Okay.” Ben says “I’m going to see myself out. Stay in touch.”

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