Small Husband Gets Cuckolded By BBC Bully

In one of my first stories, I wrote about a cuckold who hired a male escort for his wife. It explores a controlled way for a husband to enjoy his cuckold fetish. After all, escorts are there to serve their clients sexual needs.

Handing over money to be cucked is its own type of humiliation, but I also think it’s interesting when a cuckold is less in control. This wife is horny, and nature is going to take it’s course, whether her submissive husband wants it to or not.

Enjoy xxxx

“I just want to show her this problem I have.”

Chris scanned the key card, opening the door to his hotel room. Stephanie was tucked under his arm, she looked so small next to him.

This was all getting out of control very fast. They both almost fall into the hotel room, drunk and giggling.

“See, I think…” Chris struggled for breath “I think I’ve got some swelling and I don’t know why.”

“She’s a dental nurse so she’s probably not…” Rick struggled for normal, trying to make the atmosphere less dangerous and less sexually charged.

“Shut up Rick. Hey baby, is this swelling normal?”

Chris pulls his loose shorts down and his huge black cock is suddenly on display, semi hard and thick as a can of coke. The wave of discomfort hits Rick like nausea. Chris even bigger than he remembered from their locker room days.

Stephanie laughs so hard she’s doubled over with it.

“Jesus! I don’t think so. God, how is it so big like that?! That’s a problem. You should see someone.”

She was still so close to him. His arm was around her and he effortlessly pulled her small body in towards her and then naturally guided her to her knees to suck.

Rick’s eyes grew wide. Stephanie had never been so quick to suck his cock, even before they were married.

“Oh, that’s it baby. That feels good.”

Chris lifted his big arms and put them behind his head in a dramatic gesture of pleasure, a big grin on his face.

“God, who would have thought Pindick Rick would have married such a good cock sucker! You’ve done well for yourself. Hey. You should watch. See how well she’s doing. God, I can’t imagine these BJs on tap.”

Stephanie was becoming more confident, pushing her whole mouth down on to his length. Rick knew there wasn’t enough of him to properly choke on, not like that.

“I erm… hey. Steph.” Rick began to protest, but it felt like school all over again. Chris’ eyes narrowed at him, a warning. The look said, don’t challenge me, or I’m going to hurt you or humiliate you even further. It was the same look he used when he was scared Rick might tell tales to teacher. Nothing had changed.

Without warning, Chris grabs the back of Stephanie’s head and begins to thrust the huge cock into her throat. She gags, and tries to push him away a little. She’s so small compared to him and struggles against it. He’s hurting her.

Chris’ brown eyes dare Rick to do something. To tell him to stop. A real man would tell him, a real man would yell at him, call the police, even.

All of a sudden, he lets go of the back of Stephanie’s head and she pulls back, coughing and … laughing?

“Oh my God, don’t do that! You’ll make me puke.”

There’s something in her eyes. She liked it. She wanted more. Her obvious arousal made Rick unexpectedly turned on, his cock growing hard in his trousers.

Was this the same woman who complained bitterly if he wanted to fuck and she wasn’t in the mood?

“Sorry baby, I got carried away. I won’t do it again. Come here…”

Chris encouraged her back over, and she put her mouth on his enormous cock one more time. It took a few more seconds before her grabbed the back of her head again and thrust into her throat, making her gag. He let her go more quickly this time, laughing the same laugh he’d used when tormenting Rick.

“Fucking hell! Don’t!” Now they were both laughing. He had violated her, she’d told him to stop. But there was no resistance to it. No anger.

“Sorry. Sorry. Look, I’ll make it up to you.”

One muscular arm whipped out and grabbed the edge of Rick’s trousers and pulled down hard enough to break the button and zip holding them up. A second tug and Rick was powerless to stop his small cock being exposed to the room.

“Pindick!” Chris yelled. Their laughter got even louder. Stephanie’s eye make up was smudged, her eyes watering.

“Oh my God, why are you hard Rick? What the fuck?” She gasped between bursts of laughter.

Rick blushed, trying to pull his trousers back on and failing.

“Yeah, Rick’s always had a boner for me. I think he might be a bit gay. Sorry babe.”

He offers a hand down to Stephanie and she takes it, pulling her up and they size each other up. The sexual tension between them both is so obvious.

“Wanna fuck?” Chris says, and they both start laughing all over again.

“I’m right here!” Rick suddenly protests, the first time he sounds properly upset.

Stephanie replies to him with a confidence he hasn’t seen in years. Dominance. Authority. She whispers in his ear:

“If you’re watching and you’re hard, it doesn’t count as cheating.”

And oh God that’s the hottest thing Rick has heard in years. The feeling of his confident wife teasing him twisted in his stomach. Her hands reached down and cupped his cock, rubbing him, confirming how turned on he was.

“Alright Pindick, I’m gonna fuck your wife now.”

Stephanie squealed with laughter as Chris scooped her up and put her on the bed.

Something was about to happen that there was no coming back from.

“Sit down you loser. Don’t just stand there. Get a chair.”

This was most likely the final moment Rick could stop this from happening. Was he going to be the guy who gets the chair and watches? Or was he going to walk out?

Stephanie was grinning at him from the bed. Rick realised with horror that he wanted to watch. He wanted this. Walking away was what he should have done, and if he had got up and left, Stephanie, his gorgeous loving wife would have left with him.

His stomach turning with fear and excitement, Rick went and did as he was told, grabbing the chair from the corner.

“Hey, you’ve got a husband who does what he’s told.” Chris casually leaned down and kissed Stephanie deeply. “Lucky you.” Another kiss.

Each time Stephanie’s small frame melted into this kiss. She looked so beautiful and submissive, being claimed by someone else.

“I bet you have a really tight pussy, a little white girl like you.” He pulled her panties off, showing her perfectly smooth cunt.

“Jesus, that is a pretty pussy. What are you doing girl, married to a loser like him?”

Stephanie blushes. Chris is such an asshole, and despite feeling so surreal, the honesty of it was refreshing. Rick was punching above his weight with Stephanie. Why not say it out loud?

“I’m not even sure I’m going to fit but… we should definitely find out.” Chris moves to line that huge black cock up with the tiny white pussy in front of him.

“What do you think, pindick? It makes sense you’d go for a tight wife. Do you think my monster cock is going to fit in there?”

As he talks, Chris is rubbing the head of his cock around Stephanie’s clit and labia, making her eyes half close with pleasure.

“I, erm…”

“Either way, I’ll need to be careful. I don’t want to ruin her for you.”

He exhales as his black cock begins disappearing into her pussy, each inch making Rick so hard he felt unsure if he had ever been this turned on. Stephanie gasped, also unsure whether her petite body would take such a large size cock.

“It hurts…” she says, but there’s mostly pleasure in her voice.

“I know. You’re not used to having sex with a proper man. Just relax.”

Stephanie did as she was told immediately and Chris began to slowly move his cock in and out of her. He dips down to kiss her mouth as his cock moves in and out. Rick was mesmerised. Would she feel different now? This huge black monster was testing her pussy completely, his wife was clearly struggling with the size.

“Is it okay baby? My big cock feels okay?”

Stephanie looks up at him with big, adoring eyes.


All at once, Chris grabs her shoulders and begins to fuck her mercilessly. His muscular body pounding down in to her like he wanted her to struggle. Rick nearly stood up from his chair, that was far too rough. The noise that came out of his wife was a sharp cry of pain and pleasure, but she didn’t fight it.

“What about now? Do you like it rough baby? Do you like being used?”

Stephanie nods, dazed and submissive.

“Ah, it’s not going to take long before I nut in your pussy baby. I’m going to make you all messy and stretched.” He laughs and begins thrusting in to her deeply, building a rhythm up. “I can’t believe I’m gonna nut in Pindick’s girlfriend. Actually, I think I can believe it. Ah, fuck. You feel so good.”

Somewhere in Rick’s mind, he realised that he hadn’t asked either of them to wear a condom. Far too late for that now.

“I’m going to fill you up with spunk, I’m going to bust such a big load in your tight white girl pussy. Fuck. Here it is, here it comes!”

He gasps as he cums, a loud uh that Rick knew would be making him hard for months. Every squirt of cum that landed in his wife’s bare pussy was marked with gasps. Chris’ face twisted and he pulled out of her in one go, letting his load spill out on to the sheets.

“Wow! Damn, that was very satisfying. Right, you two need to fuck off, I’ve got work in the morning.”

Rick stood up. Was it over now? Everything felt very surreal. His cock was rock solid. Stephanie got off the bed and began to dress. She placed her panties gently over her sticky pussy, making no attempt to go and clean herself of Chris’ seed. It turned Rick on all over again.

“Hey, call me babe. But only if you want it up the ass next time, okay?”

There was a pause before Chris started laughing again.

“I’m just kidding. It’s been fun. Stay in touch Pindick.”

Despite his rudeness, despite how much he hates him, Rick knows it won’t be the last time he spends the evening with Chris.

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