Lesbian First Time On The Beach

My First Time Was On The Beach – A Lesbian Erotic Story

I’ve been thinking about sex with women a lot recently. This isn’t a true story, my lesbian first time was a bit different. This would be such a great way to taste pussy for the first time. I hope you enjoy it.


I should be heartbroken, but I’m not.

It’s her that I want. She’s all that I want. There’s nothing else in the whole world that matters but Rebecca.

My mind is taking in every detail of her, holding on to it for later. The way she carefully picks her way around the rocks, the shine on her hair, the way her voice sounds as she chats to me about her plans for the week ahead. The ocean churns in the background. Have I ever been this happy just to be in someone’s company?

I walk up to be alongside her, and she side eyes me, and it feels like the tension between us is so electric. She feels it too. She must feel it too.

“I wonder if it’s going to rain?”

I look out over the ocean to the nearly black clouds over the horizon. The wind was strong today and the sky was almost all grey, leaving room for the odd patch of blue.

“They’re a long way away.” There’s a pause. “I don’t mind if it rains.”

We walked on in silence, and I know she’s going to ask about Bill. It’s the obvious question, Bill had been my boyfriend for nearly a year. When a guy like Bill asks you if you want to get coffee, there’s no way you turn him down. I was excited to be asked. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was agreeing to be being Bill’s girlfriend.

I wasn’t sure if I ever really loved him, which made me feel terrible.

“So… what happened?”

“It just wasn’t working.” I sighed “He’s a good guy. But he’s so busy. He needs to get a job this summer and on top of studying and trips home to see his Grandma… there’s just not space for me.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Yeah. I think so. I don’t want to be another item on his to do list.”

Rebecca sniggered, and I punched her lightly on the arm.

“Oh come on!” She looks at me, and I feel that chemistry again between us. “Anyone would be lucky to have you on their to do list.”

“I’m trying to be serious” I laugh.

“Why? This has got to be the most ideal break up I’ve ever heard of. He’s too busy, and you’re clearly okay with that. No broken hearts, no bad feelings. I bet you agreed to just be friends too?”

“Yup. Like I said, he’s a good guy.”

“So there we go. There’s really no problem.”

I sigh.

“It didn’t feel how it’s meant to feel. I’m not sure it ever did.”

“Count your blessings.” Rebecca’s face darkened and I knew she was talking about Beth. I felt a strange, irrational coil of anger. Rebecca had loved Beth. When did I start hating that?

The wind picked up as we walked together along the clifftop. A few minutes more and we’d be at the cove. The threat of rain and dramatic wind had cleared away any other visitors. I could see for miles up here, and there wasn’t a single other person to be seen.

“I’m serious. Beth was so much. We hooked up once. Only once. And I fell for her so hard. Chasing her ruined so many months. I could have spent that time being happy.”

“It must have been one hell of a hook up.” I looked over at her and she giggled.

“It was really good, yeah.” She must have caught the look on my face as she continued “Beth is a good person too! You’d probably like her if you got to know her. She’s like you but gay. Do you know what’s awful? I still think about the night we spent together. Even now.”

“What exactly did she do to you?” I’m trying to be casual, but I’m so curious and turned on even thinking about it. Another wave of dislike for Beth washed over me. How could she have not wanted to keep Rebecca?

“I mean, there was so much chemistry right from the start. We kissed at the Hallowe’en party and we walked back to hers. I wanted to fuck her so much. We got in the door of her parents house and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. She had this way of kissing me, it was like she was so wild, and so attracted to me.”

I was picturing it. My gorgeous friend and pretty Beth, kissing in the dark hallway of Beth’s house, hands all over each other.

“I couldn’t believe she wanted me. And when she took me to her room, she was so… slow. Like all the frantic feelings wore off and she just wanted to really know my body. She was there with me for hours. I couldn’t believe how many times I came for her, I didn’t even know I was capable of it.” Rebecca giggled nervously. “Sorry. Am I being weird?”

I want her to keep talking more than I’ve wanted anything before in my life.

“That sounds really hot.” I admitted.

“You’re not completely straight, are you?”

“I don’t think so.” I’m so grateful this hadn’t passed Rebecca by. I didn’t want to have to make it a whole weird thing.

“Bill was your first time, wasn’t he?”

“Yeah.” I bought to mind sex with Bill, and then quickly pushed it away. It was always fast, and it never felt quite right. Another wave of guilt. “I don’t know when I started feeling not completely straight.”

Why was I lying?

I could pin point the exact moment and I replayed it all the time. It was same Halloween party Rebecca fell for Beth. Walking around the corner and seeing my best friend kissing this black haired girl, Beth. It hit me all at once.

I left the party alone. Grabbing my coat, I messaged Bill on the way out claiming to be too tired to stay. I went home and got myself off three separate times, thinking about Rebecca in ways I’d never thought about her before. I’d always known she was gay. And I was the straight one. So why did seeing her like that trigger that response?

And my feelings for her had grown, alongside her feelings for Beth, who clearly didn’t want her. Not the way I did.

Bill breaking up had been a relief. Everything I said was true, he was a good guy. He deserved much better than I could give him.

A few splatters of rain hit the side of my face and in the same moment, Rebecca took my hand in hers. My heart rate spiked, her fingers were so warm against mine. I looked at her and she smiled. I rubbed my thumb against the back of her hand.

Could life get any better than this? She likes me too. She’s holding my hand. I’m holding hands with a girl, the most beautiful girl in the whole world. My mind was racing. We approached the stairs down towards the cove and the tension was killing me. I needed to know. For sure.

I stopped and she stopped with me. I looked into her eyes and touched her chin. She doesn’t pull away, and her eyes drop to my lips. I lean in and kiss her. She’s so sweet, so soft. Fireworks go off in my stomach, this is so right. This girl is everything. Everything I want.

And then she’s pulling me even closer, her tongue licking and pushing between my lips. My pussy is so wet and I just want more of her. More kisses, more contact. More of everything.

We walk down towards the ocean together and she suddenly giggles.

“I waited years for that kiss.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Oh, like you didn’t know. I’ve had a crush on you for ages.”

I leaned in and kissed her again. I wanted to kiss her again and again, as many times as she’d let me.

We reached the cove and found a good spot sheltered by the cliffs above us. Rebecca laid out a picnic blanket and we both sat down side by side. I took out a blanket and covered us both. She was so warm, so close to me.

The beach was completely empty, the wind blowing across the huge waves. The rain that had been threatening all day was still holding off. Rebecca snuggled in and kissed me again, another deep, wild kiss.

She shifts her perfect little body on top of mine, her blonde hair brushing my face. I let her ass rest between my thighs, enjoying the full contact of her body against mine. I was so aware of the shape of her tits as I kissed her. She kissed my mouth and I rubbed her back until I couldn’t take it any more.

I turned myself and pushed her gently over, so she was on her back on the blanket and then positioned myself on top of her, pulling the blanket over both of us and flicking sand in my eagerness.

“My God I want you so much.” My pussy is throbbing, I’ve never felt anything like this. There wasn’t going to be any holding back. I want as much as she’ll give me. I want all of it.

Rebecca was squirming under me, her fingers reached under my top and stroked the skin on my back. I replied by pulling up her t shirt, allowing my hands to touch the soft skin on her sides. My mouth moved down to kiss her neck.

Her body smelt amazing, like flowers and cocoa butter. The way she responds to me is so perfect.

“Can I go down on you?” My voice sounds husky and low.

“You’ve not done it before, have you?”

I blush.


“It’s okay. I’ll let you know what feels good. Just go slowly.”

I kiss her lips. I’m the luckiest teenage girl in the whole world. She wriggles out of her trousers under the blanket and I wriggle downwards. I rest my head on her thigh and run my fingers over her pussy. She’s so soft, shaved perfectly. Using the back of my hand, I run my knuckles softly over the top and stroke the smooth slit from the clit downwards. Rebecca moans a little. My hand comes away sticky, not just a little wet but so sticky that her little pussy was overflowing with it.

I taste it from my hand. How did she taste so good like that? It was amazing. I lean down and gently put my lips on her clit, extending my tongue slowly, like I’d been asked.

“Oh my God. You feel so good. That’s so good.”

I brush my tongue from side to side across her clit, kissing softly every few seconds. The muscles in her thighs tensed and relaxed, quivering, the way mine did when I was close to cumming. Was she really almost there?

I took my middle finger and slowly, deliberately inserted it into pussy, only the pad. Feeling her twitch and respond to it was incredibly good, so perfect. Was I going to be able to make her cum? I begin to swipe my tongue backwards and forwards and Rebecca tenses.

“Fuck… You’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop.”

I keep going, wondering if I’ve ever been this turned on in my life before.

It didn’t take long. Rebecca’s muscles trembled and then she moaned and relaxed backwards. I lick her gently one last time between her legs before I cuddle up along side her under the blanket. We listened to the ocean together for a while, enjoying being in each other’s arms.

“We’re lucky it hasn’t rained yet.” I say, in a state of complete bliss.

“Nothing could make today less perfect. If it rains, it rains.”

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